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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 334.1

Chapter 334: If You Are Not Guy Then What Are you? (Part One)

– Ye Manor – 

In the backyard, a guy in his fifties who was still handsome and well-built walked with steady steps to the cave entrance. He squatted down and looked at the madam inside the cave with deep yet sharp eyes.

He said indifferently, “Ruanyu, it’s already been over 20 years, you still can’t move on?”

The madam kept on knocking on the wooden fish.

The man lightly laughed. “I thought that after I killed Xu Zhenxiong and enough time passed, you would forget about those unhappy moments and come back to my embrace. So, I kept on forgiving you, hoping that you could one day change your mind and take a look at me. So I waited, waited, and waited for over 20 years. Every day, you have been knocking on the wooden fish and chanting buddhist scriptures. I didn’t believe that someone could be this stone-hearted. It seems that I was wrong. It turns out that the reason you haven’t forgotten about your love for Xu Zhenxiong is because you two even had a son outside!”

Then, the man tossed Xu Cheng’s pictures into the cage.

Xu Cheng’s mom, Ye Ruanyu, immediately came over, grabbed onto the iron bars, and begged the man, “Ryong Xiao, he’s just a kid!”

The one in front of him with the solemn face was the current clan leader of the Ryong Family – Ryong Xiao.

He grinned insidiously. “But he’s the flesh and blood of Xu Zhenxiong, a child he had with you. It’s not like you don’t know what this means to me, right? Ruanyu, once this kid is dead, you won’t have any lingering thoughts towards Xu Zhenxiong and then you will be able to accept me! I should’ve already thought about this. It turns out that this Xu Zhenxiong did a pretty good job hiding Xu Cheng, and you also lied to everyone for so many years. I didn’t think that back then, not only did you lose your innocence but also had a son with Xu Zhenxiong! Under my eyelids, he actually lived for more than 20 years!”

“Ryong Xiao, please let him go! Didn’t the grudges between us already end? Zhenxiong’s already dead, and you are the clan leader of the Ryong Family, you can’t even tolerate a child’s existence?”

“It’s you that owe me!” Ryong Xiao shouted in a deep voice, “Even now, even though I’m the clan leader, I still couldn’t wash clean the stain on my reputation due to you and Xu Zhenxiong, isn’t that the most hurtful? You didn’t even bother to give me a chance this whole life, and it’s clear how much you love Xu Zhenxiong. But the more you are like that, the more I cannot let you get what you want. You haven’t seen your son in over 20 years, right? Don’t worry, very soon, I will be bringing his head to see you.”

“Ryong Xiao, you are a mad psycho!” Ye Ruanyu shouted with bloodshot eyes. “Who’s going to like people like you? Even if it wasn’t Zhenxiong, I could just marry anyone on the street, but I definitely wouldn’t marry you! There are so many women in the world, why me?”

Ryong Xiao immediately replied off his tongue, “There are so many men in this world, why Xu Zhenxiong? You fell in love with a low level civilian, are you trying to tell all the upper-class people in Huaxia that I’m not even as good as an ordinary grassroot? Just what about that Xu Zhenxiong made you set on being with him? The most despicable thing was, you were already betrothed to me, don’t you know? As my fiance, normal men have to pay the price for falling in love with you!”

“Did I agree to the marriage?” Ye Ruanyu angrily stared right back at his eyes and said, “You are just an arrogant and self-righteous guy with an inferiority complex. You don’t have the courage to pursue me, and relied on your family to get an arranged marriage. You even did it behind my back without me knowing until it was already set in stone. Don’t you think that’s despicable?”

Feeling exposed, Ryong Xiao became furious from embarassment and said, “That is the rightful path towards marriage, you think you are actually on the moral high ground for eloping?”

Ye Ruanyu: “I don’t regret it!”

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