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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 334.2

Chapter 334: If You Are Not Guy Then What Are you? (Part Two)

“Alright!” Ryong Xiao gritted his teeth. “Wait until I kill your son, we will see if you regret it or not by then! Hahaha!”

Then, Ryong Xiao got up and left in big strides. 

“Ryong Xiao, you will die a horrible death!” Ye Ruanyu didn’t care about her image and snarled. 

After getting in the car, Ryong Xiao said to the four guards standing outside, “Go and bring me Xu Cheng’s head, as soon as possible and at all costs. Kill anyone in our way. All in all, this person must die!”

The four guards standing up straight outside the car nodded simultaneously. 

Then, the extended sedan slowly drove out of the Ye Manor.

– Shangcheng –

Xu Cheng was drinking with Bei Shan on the balcony. Seeing how beautiful the night scene was, he tsked tsked and said, “I’m serious, just think about it. You can’t beat the Ryong Family anyways, and no one can get this building after you die. How about you just put my name on it? Even if you update the documents so that I’m your son, I won’t mind at all. If you think I’m too old, I can also be your dad.”

Xu Cheng: “Go fack yourself, I already entrusted the arrangements to my lawyer. Once I die, all my assets will go under my wife’s name.”

Bei Shan: “Don’t let me find out who the lawyer is, or I’m going to kidnap him and get him to change it.”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to joke with this guy. When going to the washroom, he casually glanced towards the door and saw that the elevator stopped right on his floor. He subconsciously looked inside the elevator and found four guys, each breathing smoothly with fully developed arms and legs.

Xu Cheng immediately took off his clothes and turned off the lights in the living room. Then, he went into invisible mode.

The four guards of the Ryong Family just kicked Xu Cheng’s door open, and they directly started looking for people. Ultimately, they made their way to the balcony where they saw the lights were on.

Sensing the abnormal footsteps, Bei Shan turned around just in time to see four burly guys standing there looking at him. Bei Shan didn’t even need to think with his a$$ to know that these were either people from the Ye Family or Ryong Family.

The four of them looked at him and asked, “Are you Xu Cheng?”

Bei Shan was going to say no.

But just as he opened his mouth, Xu Cheng, who was standing beside him invisibly, answered for him, “Yeah!”

Bei Shan’s eyeballs almost fell out. Looking around, he was startled, Where the fack did that sound come from? Then, he just saw the four guards stretching their arms and cracking their knuckles. “Good that you are. Have you ever bungee jumped from a tall building?”

Then, the four of them charged over like bulls. Xu Cheng immediately dodged into a corner to watch. He really wanted to see the strength of this Ace of Diamonds.

Seeing those four charging over, Bei Shan immediately swept forward with a swift kick towards the legs of two guards, and those two immediately fell to the floor. Then, with a tornado kick, his foot landed on the chest of a guard that was just throwing a punch over. The guard backed up a few steps and ran into the wall, but it looked like he was fine.

The other two guards that were tripped onto the ground also stood up. The one in the lead laughed and said, “Not bad, no wonder they assigned four of us to come over.”

Bei Shan: “Can I say that you guys got the wrong guy? Do you guys not remember what your target facking looks like whenever you accept an assassination mission? How can you mistake my handsome face for that ugly fack? Where’s the justice!”

The guards: “We did our research thoroughly. There’s only one guy living in this unit. If you are not a guy then what are you?”

Bei Shan was speechless. “You guys can think of me as a lady.”

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