Chapter 335: I’m Not an Ordinary S-Tier (Part One)

Bei Shan originally didn’t have to act this reserved and suppressed, but he really didn’t want to be dragged into the Ryong Family’s business. At least during his normal life outside of being a Dragon Blade, he didn’t want to offend the Ryong Family, since only bad things could come out of it.

However, these four bodyguards clearly didn’t want to leave empty-handed, and that made him a bit speechless.

After they began fighting, Xu Cheng went back and found some clothes to wear. He just wanted to avoid the search earlier, and then after putting on some clothes, he went back to the pitch-black corner in the living room and watched Bei Shan fight those four guards.

Bei Shan was actually in a pickle up against those four, and it was mainly because they could really take a lot of hits. He landed so many punches and kicks, yet those four would bounce right back up and come back to the fight. They were like cockroaches… Bei Shan was furious and he landed a punch right in the face of one of them, yet that guy just wiped the blood off of his nose and went berserk, picking up a chair and throwing it at him. 

Bei Shan agilely rolled to the side and dodged the chair, also becoming a bit blood-boiled from the fight. With a flick of his wrist, a silver chain flashing with glints of light immediately got pulled out from his sleeves. Bei Shan directly jumped onto a guy, locking his legs onto his waist and strangling his neck with the silver chain. The chain was made up of silver and dazzling iron blade shards, and the more the guard struggled, the deeper the blades sank into his neck and caused bleeding. 

Bei Shan gritted his teeth, and with a pull of the chains in his hand, the man died as blood gushed out.

He decided to finish what he started, and at this moment, the look in his eyes changed. He directly charged towards the other three. One of the guards threw a kick over, and with a shake of his hand, the chains swam up around that guy’s leg like a snake. With another pull, those silver blades immediately cut through everything, leaving vertical bloody openings down his legs. 

That guard cried miserably, and he immediately grabbed a liquor bottle off of the desk and smacked it towards Bei Shan. With a flick of his wrist, the chain immediately flew into the air and directly shattered the bottle coming his way! That chain seemed to be as flexible as Bei Shan’s arm, as well as being able to extend and shrink.

Xu Cheng was quite intrigued watching this, and he mumbled, “I knew it, the Dragon Blades couldn’t have been that simple.”

With another flick of his wrist, Bei Shan’s chain seemed like it grew a pair of eyes and flew right towards a guard, wrapping around his neck. 

The guard immediately grabbed onto the chain, wanting to tear it apart. However, he soon realized that it couldn’t be done, and his hands were already bleeding from the tens of thousands of little cuts. Bei Shan pressed a trigger at the end of the chain, and black liquid immediately seeped out of the blades into the guard’s bloodstream. Then, this man immediately fell to the ground as white foam came out of his mouth.

The last guard picked up the broken wood piece from a chair to block Bei Shan’s chain. Bei Shan clicked on a button again and the chain immediately became rigid and straight, turning into a thin steel bar!

With a forward thrust, the steel bar directly passed through the guard’s body! The poison seeped into his bloodstream, and within a few seconds, the guard slowly fell down with his eyes rolling up. He stopped breathing after his body twitched a bit.

Just then, Xu Cheng came over and checked each of them one by one to see if they were still alive. After confirming that they were all dead, he chuckled and said, “Indeed the power of the Ace of Diamonds. I didn’t have a chance to witness your capabilities before, but now, I can safely say that your title is definitely well-deserved.”

Bei Shan subconsciously took out an Ace of Diamonds card from his pocket and handsomely tossed it into the air.

Xu Cheng was a bit confused. “What are you doing?”

Bei Shan just then realized it. “Oh, my bad. I got used to leaving my mark after finishing my mission. I just like the feeling of leaving behind a clue knowing that they can’t catch me.”

Xu Cheng applauded. “This d0uchie move, I gotta give it a 10 out of 10.”

Then, he saw the chain that suddenly got withdrawn into Bei Shan’s sleeves. He curiously asked, “This is your weapon?”

The chain completely went back into hiding and Bei Shan nodded.

Xu Cheng: “Senior Brother, you killed someone.”

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