Chapter 336: Influence of Behemoth Clan (Part One)

At the hospital, Bei Shan was on the bed with one foot hung up, plastered. 

Sitting beside him – Xu Cheng.

Bei Shan was silent and didn’t want to talk.

Xu Cheng felt like mold was about to grow on him due to how quiet he was being.

“Just tell me already,” Xu Cheng said, “Even if you don’t tell me, I will eventually find out.”

Bei Shan snorted and still glanced elsewhere.

“You are really not telling me?” Xu Cheng asked again. Seeing how Bei Shan still remained silent, Xu Cheng stood up, took a few steps back, and began slowly running over again. Bei Shan just felt his b------e cringe as he immediately opened his mouth, “Stop right there.”

Then, he began. “Behemoth clans actually have existed since ancient times. Our country, Huaxia, had ancient clans, Britain too. Actually, places with at least a thousand years of history all do. As for those other European or American capital groups, their family histories are relatively quite short. Since the feudal and dynasty periods of our country, clans already existed. Some relied on the ruling dynasty of that time, while some were hermits that didn’t care about what went on in the world. Those clans that rely on the imperial family might be glorious during certain periods, but with the fall of certain dynasties, they would also fall. Those that lived as hermits may not be famous or powerful, but they could last very long, some even to this day.” 

“These clans are very tenacious and have strong survivability. Their purpose isn’t to seek temporary glory and wealth, but to pass down the lineage to make sure the family will have generations after generations. Over time, they basically became their own factions. It was also because they witnessed the five thousand years worth of the rise and falls of dynasties, that they were able to see through things much clearer than average people. They would never place all their bets on one dynasty, and their ability to adapt is very strong. No matter what dynasty or time period it was, they could always make the proper investments to quickly gain the protection of those in power to ensure their own safety. From antiquity to present, the dynasties and governments, there were always their shadows among the financial support. There are four behemoth clans that survived until now, and they are the Ryong Family, Ye Family, Gongsun Family, and Li Family. Although they aren’t actively involved in politics, there are always officials in power backed by them, and most of them actually came into power from the support of those families. As a result, although these families don’t seem to be in politics, they have enormous influence. Comparing wealth, you are like an ant to their elephant. As for those officials currently in power, there are only a few of them that dare to go against them head on. After all, if they retire and it’s someone backed by those families that come into power, it would be hard for them to guarantee a peaceful retirement life, right? So, unless absolutely necessary, no one would want to arm-wrestle with them. So, there’s only one way you can break them, and it’s by brute force!”

Speaking of this, Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng and said, “But speaking of strength, you already saw last night. Just their high-level guards were all facking A-tier masters. Just think about it, how many people in the entire military are A-tier? This year at the competition, the only A-tier soldiers were probably Bagh and Ye Xiu. You against those behemoth families can only be described as pathetic…”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Then why are those guards willing to stay in those families but not go achieve something at the military?”

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