Chapter 336: Influence of Behemoth Clan (Part Two)

Bei Shan: “Achieve my a$$. Just for an example, you, Ye Xiu, and the others, even if you become the champion every year, the highest position you can reach is lieutenant colonel, and do you think that position comes with a lot of power? On administrative rights, it’s probably lower than a mayor. Every year, the salary and bonuses are pretty mediocre. Although it’s not shabby for ordinary people and you won’t be too poor, you are also not going to be rich. However, it’s a completely different story if they follow those behemoth families. Every year, their salary and bonus level are all in the millions. What’s more important is that they get to walk with their heads up high wherever they go with their clan badge. So, it’s natural for the top tier soldiers to go to where the money is. So, even if you go the only way you can go up against them, which is solid strength, they can still stomp you. You tell me, why is everyone so afraid of the Ye and Ryong Family? So, when a brat like you told me that you want to bring a knife and go to their house to chop some people, what else will I think, other than you being a lunatic?”

Bei Shan casually picked up a water bottle on the desk, took a drink, and said, “As far as I know, the current clan leader, Ryong Xiao, is already at the SS-tier! I know he’s the murderer behind the death of your father, but don’t forget, the Ryong Family has 8 guest masters (TL note: members that were paid to be a part of the family, kind of like hired guards but higher status and treated like guests) that are S+, and 12 core members at S tier. Remember, that’s just the numbers from a few years ago. Not to mention, there are over 200 A-tier guards. On top of that, the most terrifying thing is that old fart that hasn’t died yet. He’s probably over a hundred years old already, but his power is estimated to be SS+! I’m not here to scare you, but every year the Division Master would bring us Dragon Blades to those families to spar with them, so I know quite a bit about them.”

Xu Cheng felt a bit lost as he slowly sat down on the side of the bed. “Then am I just going to do nothing about my mother? Originally, I didn’t know she was locked up, but now I do. And if I know about it and don’t do anything, then I wouldn’t be human anymore! Regardless of whether she fulfilled her duties as a mother to raise me or not, she’s still my mother after all. Even if it’s to bring her to my father’s grave to repent, I still need to get her out of there!”

Bei Shan snorted: “You think you are Chenxiang or something? You think it’s the animated film Lotus Lantern? (TL note: movie plot at the end of this chapter) This is reality, and you have to see the core issue! If she could be saved, then she would already be saved by your dad! You going is just courting death, do you think that’s what your mother wants to see? She lives every day in pain already, feeling that each day is as long as a year to get past, and if you were to die as well, then your family can really end here as a tragedy.”

Xu Cheng said nonchalantly, “Chenxiang’s not that impressive too, he had the Monkey King’s help.”

Upon hearing “Monkey King”, Bei Shan’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Actually, you have a Monkey King too.”

Xu Cheng: “Who?”
Bei Shan: “Our old man.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “That pile of old bones of his, he might be blown away under the wind, and you are telling me he’s Monkey King?”

Bei Shan: “But the old man still has a lot of capabilities. That’s why I told you to stay low-key and just tolerate for the next little while. First, go into hiding and beg the old man to teach you some stuff, and then when you are able to graduate, that’s when you, the ultimate d0uch-king, can ascend to the throne of d0uchery.” 

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