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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 336.3

Chapter 336: Influence of Behemoth Clan (Part Three)

Xu Cheng was speechless. “You said it too, with a powerful family like the Ryong Family, you think they will let me hide and learn s**t? You think they are dumb?”

Bei Shan: “That’s why I told you to get out of here first. Just treat it as doing a few missions at the Wei Nation. Stay there for a while, and just listen to me, you won’t regret it. I will arrange your daily routines.”

“No, I can hardly eat now everytime I remember that my mom is locked up in a cave,” Xu Cheng said, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Bei Shan: “Bro, your mom’s been locked up for over 20 years now, does she really care about a few more months or something? I’m wasting my energy talking to you for your own sake!”

Xu Cheng nodded. “I got it, Bro.”

At this time, a nurse came over to Xu Cheng and said, “Here, please sign and pay the medical bill.”

Xu Cheng immediately looked at Bei Shan, and Bei Shan glared right back at him. “What are you looking at me for? Didn’t you cause this injury? You are not paying and you want me to pay?”

Xu Cheng: “I was in a hurry to send you to the hospital, so I forgot my wallet.”

Bei Shan really wanted to cry but had no tears. “Get the fack out of my face!”


Lotus Lantern plot: (taken from Wiki)

The story is based on the traditional Chinese folklore about a boy named Chenxiang. His mother, Sanshengmu, was a goddess and his father, Liu Yanchang, was a mortal. Since their marriage was forbidden, his maternal uncle, Erlang Shen, who was a god, punishes them by killing Liu Yanchang. Sanshengmu escapes and gives birth, but Chenxiang grows up without knowledge of his ancestry. Sanshengmu possesses a magical Lotus Lantern whose light can scare away evil. When Erlang Shen, a strict and powerful god, kidnaps Chenxiang, Sanshengmu fights to save him.

Unfortunately, Erlang Shen is victorious and Chenxiang is forced to live in his palace on the sacred mountains. Erlang Shen then imprisons Sanshengmu beneath a mountain for her crimes. Although he is quite young, Chenxiang manages to escape from the palace, taking the magical lotus lantern that Sanshengmu lost during the battle.

After surviving adventures with many beloved characters of Chinese mythology, Chenxiang finally matures into a courageous young man who must battle Erlang Shen to win Sanshengmu’s freedom and fall in love at the same time.

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