Chapter 337: The Daily Life of a Swaglord (Part One)

After leaving the hospital, Bei Shan stared at Xu Cheng in the driver’s seat with deep resentment and said, “Didn’t you say you can swipe your face like a credit card in Shangcheng? Why did I still have to pay? Junior Brother, this isn’t very honest of you, don’t you know?”

Xu Cheng started Bei Shan’s sedan, which was a low-configuration Passat.

He snorted, “You are the sky king of the Dragon Division, and you were making fun of me. Why do you also drive a s–t box?”

Bei Shan: “Obviously, I drive it because I have no money. You are facking loaded, so why are you driving a Santana? It was made in 2000 too! If I was a traffic police officer, I would ticket you every day!”

Xu Cheng: “But my annual inspection and emission rate are all up to standard though.”

Bei Shan was worried about his car. “Drive carefully, don’t scratch it!”

Xu Cheng: “Where are we going? Your home or my home?”

Bei Shan: “Can we even go to your home anymore? I realize that when I’m with you, before I get screwed by the enemy, I have to worry about getting killed by my own guy. Now, I’m a bit scared of your feet. Be careful when you are stepping on the gas or brakes. Although my car’s not expensive, it’s still worth 180 thousand yuan.”

As Xu Cheng drove off, he saw from the rearview mirror that there seemed to be a car tailing them. 

He bitterly smiled. “Looks like I’m not safe no matter where I go now. Senior Brother, sit tight.”

“My foot’s already like this, how much tighter do you want me to sit?” Bei Shan said, getting a bad feeling about what was about to happen. His assassin instinct made him look around, and he immediately saw a car close behind them, fast approaching. Bei Shan instinctively swore, “Fack my life.”

Xu Cheng stomped on the gas, and the BMW behind him followed right after.

Seeing that the green light in the distance was about to end in 8 seconds, he calculated that if this car had good 0-100 km/h acceleration, he could pass it just in time and leave the BMW behind.

“Senior Brother, what’s your car’s 0 to 100 time?”

Bei Shan: “I already told you it’s a piece of crap, do you still expect a 0-100 in 6 seconds or something? What are you planning to do?”

The bad feeling in his heart intensified, seeing that the road was full of cars.

Xu Cheng stomped the gas pedal to the limit. 

The car immediately shot off without any warning. Driving the car through the dense traffic, Xu Cheng was like an expert in Tetris, navigating through all the pieces as everything was accurately calculated in his brain. The car swirled left and right, swiftly slipping through the cars of different lanes and passing other cars through the minimal gap needed. It was a piece of cake for Xu Cheng to execute such incredible moves, yet it was terrifying for Bei Shan to watch from the passenger seat. Every time he felt that they were going to run into the butt of the car in front of them, Xu Cheng could always swiftly swirl away, and just as Bei Shan was able to catch a breath, he would be terrified seeing the car running into another car but get steered out of the way again last minute.

For Bei Shan, it was really even more exciting than riding roller coasters. He couldn’t even finish one breath in peace, as if his heart was lifted into the air the whole time.

“Xu Cheng, I’m the sky king of the generation for the Dragon Division, I rather fight those guys behind us to death than sit in this car with you and die from a heart attack! Facking slow down a bit!” Bei Shan began throwing a tantrum, and just then, he saw the green light ending and turning into yellow light. But, they were still about 30 meters away from the intersection. He suddenly realized what Xu Cheng was about to do.

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