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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 337.2

Chapter 337: The Daily Life of a Swaglord (Part Two)

His eyes widened as he shouted, “Holy fack, are you going to run through it?”

Xu Cheng changed lanes once again, and when it was just less than a second before the lights changed and the cars from two sides were about to start driving across, they just saw with widened eyes a Passat sped right across. Moreover, the Passat was already smoking from the engine, leaving a trail as it disappeared into the distance.

Right as the Passat drove across the intersection, the yellow light turned into green, and the BMW behind them was stopped by the flow of traffic from two directions. It had no choice but to stop and wait for the red light.

Meanwhile, Bei Shan was shouting, “Yooooo, why’s there white smoke coming out? You broke my car!”

Just as he shouted, with a bam, the car window shattered from a bullet.

Bei Shan’s heart was shattering. “MY CAR!”

Xu Cheng shouted, “I will buy you a new one!”

Bei Shan: “I was waiting for that.”

Then, he took out a box from his seat and pulled out a sniper rifle.

“As the king of assassinations, weapons like this gotta be by my side at all times,” Bei Shan said as he turned around and shot at the wheel of another van following them, forcing it to stop.

Xu Cheng directly began shouting, “Why the fack are you always hiding something?”

Bei Shan: “I told you, I don’t want to get involved in this mess with you.”

Xu Cheng: Actually, it’s already too late. Your profile right now is probably already on the Ryong Family’s table. You are on the same boat as me now.”

Bei Shan began swearing too, “I facking hate you! I took out two guards for you and ended up getting hospitalized by you, yet I had to pay the bills myself! Now, my beloved car’s almost at the end of its life, and I’m also on the hit list of those people too. I noticed that you are really just bad luck! Why couldn’t you get assigned to another group? Why did you have to come to the Diamond suit!”

Xu Cheng: “You think I wanted to?”

“Careful!” Bei Shan pointed at the front as he just saw a van charging straight at them head on! 

“Hold on!”

Xu Cheng immediately spun the steering wheel to one side to the max, just enough to dodge the oncoming van. However, due to the speed and momentum, the car immediately lost balance and began tipping to one side. As the car was about to hit the oncoming traffic on the other lane, Xu Cheng gritted his teeth as he opened the door and put his foot on the ground. With his shoe and the friction, he finally helped the car decelerate and avoid flipping over.

The car that was about to hit them was a sports car, and the one driving it was coincidently the rebellious high-schooler Lin Dong that had always wanted to become Xu Cheng’s disciple. Just now, he watched everything clearly with his eyes wide open.

“Master!” Lin Dong called in surprised. He hadn’t seen Xu Cheng in awhile, and never would he have imagined that he would be meeting him again at a scene like this.

Xu Cheng just glanced at Lin Dong, then he stepped on the gas again and ran straight into an alley.

Then, two vans went in right after, and there were also people shooting from those vans!

Lin Dong just dumbfoundedly watched the disappearing image of Xu Cheng’s car, and his girlfriend was startled by the scene as well and she asked curiously, “That’s the person you told me that you wanted to become the student of?”

Lin Dong nodded, and his face was full of admiration and passion. “See that? He’s just dripping swag 24/7, even his daily life is so epic.”

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