Chapter 338: In a Month, If I’m Still Alive (Part One)

After the passat drove into the alley, Xu Cheng shouted at Bei Shan, “You take the wheel!”

Bei Shan rebutted, “How the fack can I drive like this? The plaster on my foot hasn’t even been removed yet, I can’t step on the pedals properly!”

Xu Cheng didn’t bother to reply and just opened the door, preparing to jump out.

Bei Shan had no choice but to climb to the driver’s seat to take over the wheel. He awkwardly used his left leg to control the gas and brake pedals.

Xu Cheng got above the car and jumped into the air. Bouncing from window to window like a cat in the narrow alley, Xu Cheng went to the very top and waited for the two vans that followed them into the alley to make a turn and go after them again. 

When the first car arrived below Xu Cheng, he dropped down like a celestial god, crashing into it like a meteorite.

Bei Shan just heard a loud “bam” and saw from the rearview mirror that the van behind him had already been crushed into a pie. The people inside probably became meat patties.

“So facking brutal!” Bei Shan was reminded of the scene of Xu Cheng jumping and breaking the floor, and his b------e immediately cringed. 

After smashing the first van, Xu Cheng sprinted in the night like a cat and jumped onto the next car. He smashed the window, directly grabbed the guard out, and interrogated, “How many of you are here to kill me?”

The guard grimly chuckled, “You think you can live?”

Xu Cheng slammed a punch down and directly broke his head and neck.

“I actually do want to see if I can live.” Then, he walked back to Bei Shan who already stopped the car.

He opened the driver’s seat’s door and said to Bei Shan, “Get off. Are you planning to keep on driving this car and getting followed?” 

Bei Shan: “I don’t want to keep driving this car too, but how can I walk with my leg like this?”

At this time, on the other side of the alley, Lin Dong’s car suddenly appeared. “Master, this way, get on!”

Bei Shan let out a sigh of relief and walked over with Xu Cheng. They just heard Lin Dong saying to his girlfriend in the passenger seat, “Get in the back.”

His girlfriend was a bit angry. “It’s so tight back there, how can I sit there though…”

Lin Dong directly said, “We are done!”

His girlfriend immediately almost cried, “Don’t be angry, I will just go and sit in the back…”

Then, Lin Dong’s girlfriend went into the back, and Lin Dong said to Xu Cheng, “Master, get in the car!”

Xu Cheng: “Brat, who are you calling master?”

Just as he said that, Bei Shan shoved Xu Cheng into the car.

Lin Dong left the alley with them. On the way, Lin Dong asked, “Master, it’s no wonder that I haven’t seen you for a long time. It turns out that you were busy protecting society and saving the world!”

Xu Cheng took out a cigarette and lit it as he said to Lin Dong, “I told you, I’m not taking students. Pay attention to what you call me.”

Lin Dong laughed and said, “I know that you despise rich heirs, thinking that most of us are just a bunch of spoiled brats relying on our parents’ money. Master, I will slowly change your view of me.”

Xu Cheng said, “You saw it just now, every day I’m either killing people or being killed. I’m very busy and don’t have time to teach you anything. If you are scared, just keep a distance from me. Brat, you are 17 already, be logical. The time of being rebellious is already over.”

Lin Dong said, “I’ve been logical the whole time, and I know what’s being rebellious and what’s pursuing a dream. That night you were right. In this world, there’s no one that dares to say who’s the best in the world, but I really want to try and see how powerful I can become.”

Seeing an elder crossing the road in front of them, Xu Cheng said to Lin Dong, “You want to prove yourself, right? See that crossing? In a bit when it’s the red light, the old man will cross the road. Run him over! If you run over him, I will accept you as an apprentice.”

In the backseat, Lin Dong’s girlfriend and Bei Shan both fell into disbelief with their mouths wide open.

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