Chapter 339: Activating Operation Slaying Dragon (Part Two)

The assassin really didn’t know what Xu Cheng was up to.

“Are you retarded?”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “Let me show you something.”

The assassin frowned. 

Xu Cheng slowly walked over towards him. Seeing that he had no weapons, the assassin wasn’t afraid. 

Xu Cheng asked, “Do you believe in ghosts?”

The assassin: “If there are ghosts, then there would be at least a hundred of them coming to look for me.”

Xu Cheng placed his hands on his boxers and said, “Well, then you are in luck, you can see one today.”

Then, he suddenly took off his pants, and now, he was completely naked. But, just at the instant his boxers left his body, the Xu Cheng in front of the assassin’s eyes completely disappeared. It was like magic, the guy just completely disappeared into thin air!

The assassin’s face immediately lost color, and just within one second when he came back to his senses, he felt a gust of wind coming at him. When he pulled out his dagger and was about to defend, he suddenly felt his head getting grabbed. Then, without giving any room for counterplay, his neck broke.

The assassin’s eyes were still wide open as he slowly fell to the ground. There was no surveillance in this area, but if there were, then people would see a mysterious scene of a guy getting naked but disappearing right after, and then another guy’s head spinning 180 degrees before falling down.

Then, the clothes on the ground seemed to just fly into the truck by themselves. When Xu Cheng put on the clothes again, he was already sitting in the driver’s seat. He started the car and drove past the dead guy on the floor.

Xu Cheng took out his phone and sent Bei Shan a text. “Get me a human face mask.”

Not long after that, Bei Shan called and curiously asked, “Of who?”

Xu Cheng: “My father.”

Xu Cheng had made his mind. This is to avenge his father! He was going to go to the Ryong Family with his dad’s face!

Bei Shan replied. “Okay. When you land, someone will meet with you at the airport and give it to you.”

Xu Cheng. “It can be done that fast?”

Bei Shan: “That’s the terrifying part of the Dragon Division, our eyes and efficiency is far beyond your imagination. Just go and take the flight, someone will be giving it to you when you get off.” 

Xu Cheng: “Does this count as you utilizing workplace perks to help me? Is this against the rules?”

Bei Shan: “Nope. In fact, there has always been a top-level mission within the Dragon Division. No one dares to accept this mission, and no one can know its objective as well. It’s a mission that had been sealed away since the birth of the Dragon Division. Now, if you want to accept it, all resources at the Dragon Division can be readily used by you. However, if you fail, then your name will be eliminated from the Dragon Division forever. It’s because no one can ever find out about this mission’s source.”

Xu Cheng was curious. “What kind of mission is this serious?”

Bei Shan: “Are you determined to fight the Ryong Family to the death?”

Xu Cheng: “Yes!”

Bei Shan: “Alright. Now, as the Ace of Diamonds, I will assign you a mission. This mission cannot be known by another person.”

Xu Cheng: “Go on.”

Bei Shan: “Operation Slaying Dragon.”

Xu Cheng: “Slaying who?”

Bei Shan: “The full name is: Slaying one of the Behemoth Families – Ryong Family!” (TL Note: Ryong is Dragon in Chinese)

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “Why?”

Bei Shan: “The behemoth families are the stumbling blocks to the country. The real power can only be in the hands of the people, instead of being privatized. So, one of the founding values of the Dragon Division is to exterminate the behemoth families! This mission is in fact the most difficult mission in the Dragon Division! If you fail, your name will be removed. If you succeed, you have to continue on and eliminate other families! Because, once this mission is activated, there’s no turning back!”

Xu Cheng almost dropped his phone when he heard this. He asked, a bit dumbfounded, “Then including the Ye Family, I also have to eliminate the Ye Family, right?”

Bei Shan took a deep breath. “Yes.”

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