Chapter 340: Dragon Division Fully Dispatched (Part One)

On the next day, Xu Cheng arrived at the airport on his way to the Ryong Family Valley. When he got off of his flight and went to buy a pack of cigs from the store, the store owner handed him a big bag. Xu Cheng paused for a moment, and then he realized that it was the trading method Bei Shan was talking about.

After taking the bag and saying thanks, Xu Cheng found a hotel. Opening the bag, he found a face mask that replicated his father’s face as well as all the information on the deployment of armed forces around the Ryong Family Manor. It looks like the Dragon Division had been paying attention to the Ryong Family for awhile now, or their intel on them wouldn’t be this detailed. The 8 guests masters and the 12 core masters’ data and pictures were all in the files. In addition, it also had information on Ryong Xiao and the S+ elders that were direct relatives under the Ryong Family. 

After rushing out to the Ryong Family Valley within one day, he went to the site right away and found that it was actually a pure natural paradise. In the woods for 3 kilometers surrounding the Ryong Family Valley, there didn’t seem to be any habitants, nor were people allowed to enter.

Xu Cheng spent the day time scouting out the Ryong Family Valley from a mountain far away. The forest was very dense, almost covering the entire Ryong Family estate. 

It was a giant housing complex covering thousands of acres, and each villa had its own garden. The buildings were extremely luxurious, each costing at least a hundred million yuan. Xu Cheng didn’t know how many people were on site, but through the dense family, Xu Cheng’s penetrating vision could see over 50 villas, which was enough to show that there were many Ryong Family members, probably covering over 4 generations.

Xu Cheng was eating a big bun to replenish his energy. Taking a look at the watch on his wrist, he saw that it was about 7 PM now. The sky would darken soon, and it would be time to move. 

After shoving the rest of the bun into his mouth and chugging on some water, he took out many mines from his bag and began laying down a field. 

After he dug the pits and buried the mine, he detonated a grenade. 

The peaceful Ryong Family Valley area immediately echoed with the blast of the explosion, shocking the people in the villa. The birds resting on the mountainside fled away, pinpointing the location of the explosion for the Ryong Family guards.

Xu Cheng saw from afar that at least 20 guards were rushing his way to investigate.

He immediately began stripping himself naked. Right now, he couldn’t become invisible with the clothes on his body, so he had to go butt naked first in order to not be detected.

The good thing was, it was already night time, so even if he were to carry a dagger, people wouldn’t be able to see it clearly.

Xu Cheng hid in the darkness, and after about ten minutes, 20 guards arrived at the forest. They were all carrying flashlights, and when they saw a few pieces of clothing were lying on the ground not far from them, a few of them immediately ran over to check, not noticing the landmines buried below them.

At the next moment, a burst of explosions came from the quiet mountainside.

This time, the Ryong Family became completely alert. Ryong Xiao emerged from the pool and said to the guards, “What’s happening? Go and check. Kill whoever dared to trespass in the forbidden grounds of the Ryong Family!”

The guards nodded.

“Wait a second.” Ryong Xiao wiped his wet hair with a towel and said, “Bring two guest masters.”

By the mountainside, Xu Cheng had already walked past the 20 guards that entered the minefield. Due to the explosions, everyone was scattered as some died and some were injured and unconscious. Those that could still get up also took cover and became vigilant. At this time, they didn’t notice that a dagger was flying past them and slicing their throats, one by one. And at that time, their mouths seemed to be blocked by air, and they just couldn’t make a sound. Then, they would directly fall under the black night.

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