Chapter 341: Exposed (Part One)

Those four people were none other than the four sky kings of the Dragon Division!

Bei Shan’s iron chains locked directly onto the legs of the two guest masters, and then the other three sky kings immediately shoved daggers into their chests, ending their lives. 

As for the other 30 guards, there were 12 earth kings from the Dragon Division to deal with them.

Within 10 minutes, those guards were all on the ground. The Dragon Blades all stood at the mountainside and watched the chaos happening in the Ryong Family Valley. The J of Diamonds was a bit worried and said, “I don’t know how our junior brother’s doing right now.”

Bei Shan looked at the Ryong Family Valley and faintly said, “It has been over 20 years of planning, yet today, due to his recklessness, we have to have a showdown.”

The other three sky kings sighed, “Right now there are still 12 core members and 6 guest masters, it’s going to be a bit difficult.”

Just then, on the branches above their heads, a man with white hair and a golden Joker mask appeared, with his arms folded in front of his chest.

“I don’t have much time left. After I die and the Dragon Division’s at its most vulnerable, a war will be inevitable. So worst comes to worst, let’s let the Dragon Division and the behemoth families disappear from Huaxia together.”

The 16 sky and earth kings all bowed towards the guy in the Joker mask and said, “Division Master.”

Bei Shan anxiously said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go in and fight side by side with our junior brother.”

The Division Master: “We aren’t in a hurry right now. Their people haven’t come out yet. The old man of the Ryong Family had gone into seclusion for so long, if he doesn’t show his face, we can’t show ours.”

The J of Diamonds: “But I’m worried that Junior Brother can’t hang on for too long…”

The Division Master: “If he couldn’t, he would’ve failed already.”

Just then, another house exploded and was engulfed in flames.

The division master laughed. “Look, he’s still stirring s–t up. This guy’s IQ’s higher than you guys. If you guys got to know him, you would know that he has many means up his sleeves, and no matter what he does, he won’t tackle it head on with just his muscles. For instance, if there was a beautiful lady in front of you guys, you would probably think about how to hook up with her. However, this brat wouldn’t just use his brain to think about how to hook up with her, he would think of a way for that girl to voluntarily fall in love with him and never leave him. That’s the difference between you guys.”

Everyone was turned speechless by this kind of strange metaphor.

The Division Master was still the same old, same old, just giving an example was enough to render them speechless. He was indeed a fossil in the single dog world.

With a bang, another house exploded, and now the Ryong Family Valley was in complete chaos.

Xu Cheng was currently invisible as he quickly walked across the chaotic courtyard. Many people went right by him but no one noticed his existence.

With three consecutive explosions and the death toll increasing, no one suspected that it was just a couple of accidental gas explosions anymore. The guards began tending to the houses on fire immediately.

After Ryong Xiao changed into his clothes, he saw the big Ryong Family Valley under the sky that had now been painted red by the blaze. He frowned.

As the patriarch, he had to shoulder a lot of responsibility for something like this.

“No matter who it is, find him and kill him!” Ryong Xiao coldly said to his guards.

Just then, a miserable scream came from another villa.


A young man of the Ryong Family came out from the house, holding his neck. He was stumbling about, his throat already sliced open and blood gushing out continuously. After struggling for a bit, he rolled down the stairs and stopped breathing.

Three guards immediately charged towards the house to try and catch the killer, but who knew, with a loud bang, three guards were directly blown away by an explosion. 

“Ah!” Just then, more and more members of the Ryong Family began coming out of their villas and falling down on the streets, their throats cut. This caused a wave of panic among the others.

Ryong Xiao directly charged out of his house and saw the clan members all gathering in front of his house, terrified. 

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