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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 341.2

Chapter 341: Exposed (Part Two)

What was creepy was, on their way running over, their throats were all sliced one by one by a mysterious flying dagger, as if something was chasing those clan members as they began falling down onto the floor, one by one, creating pools of blood under them. 

The six guest masters all arrived, as well as the 12 S-tier core masters. They all rushed to the clan members to protect them. At this moment, a table flew over from god knows where and smacked into the face of a clan member, knocking him out in a pool of blood right away.

At this time, the leader of those guards came over and reported anxiously, “Master, we can’t find where the killer is! We looked everywhere!”

Ryong Xiao narrowed his eyes. He looked at all the dead, injured, and panicking clan members around him and shouted, “Who is the one causing the bloodbath? Why don’t you dare to show yourself?”

Just then, a voice came from an empty spot, “Ryong Xiao, I’m just letting you have a taste of pain. Don’t you get great pleasure from controlling the life and death of other people? Don’t behemoth families like yours like to make the rules? Then today, I will send you and your rules all to hell!”

Ryong Xiao looked at the direction where the noise came from, “Who are you?”

Xu Cheng: “Haven’t you been looking for me? Today, I came over myself. Since you want to kill me, then I will make you pay the price. You provoke me once, I will return it you to ten times! People of the Ryong Family, today, if you want to blame your misfortune on someone, blame it on Ryong Xiao. This is retribution for what he did back in the day! Today, I will make you all pay, blood for blood!”

“Just by yourself?” Ryong Xiao sneered.

Just then, a stone flew over at him.

“Master, be careful!” a guest master exclaimed.

Ryong Xiao directly caught the stone and immediately looked at the direction it came from, but there was no one!

About 40 members of the clan looked around in horror, and they all tightly grouped together. Everything that had happened today had been too terrifying and creepy. 

Just then, from a corner, more and more rocks cut through the air and flew over, travelling through the back of the heads of more and more clan members.

Immediately, over a dozen fell onto the floor. 

Ryong Xiao was shocked! He directly flew over trying to block more of the flying stones. The stones dropped onto the ground, and he roared angrily towards the vacant area, “What kind of man are you, a coward? If you have the guts, just show yourself!”

“Dad! Is it a ghost?” At that moment, a boy about 17-years-old ran over and asked Ryong Xiao. 

“Ghosts don’t exist in this world!” Ryong Xiao sneered. 

Still invisible, Xu Cheng heard from afar that the guy called Ryong Xiao ‘father’. A hint of chilling light flashed past his eyes. He picked up a stone and flicked it at another clan member.


In the dark night, a stone flew over. Ryong Xiao’s ears moved and he immediately arrived before that clan member and blocked the stone. However, at that moment, another stone already arrived between the brows of Ryong Xiao’s son. The stone went right through, and the boy slowly fell down.

Ryong Xiao’s eyes widened and he shouted, “Rui’er!”

Ryong Xiao immediately came over and caught his son on his way down, his eyes bloodshot as he shouted, “[email protected]! Come out and show yourself if you have the guts!” 

Xu Cheng’s voice sounded again. “You can protect yourself, but can you protect other people? Now, you also understand the pain of losing your dearest family, right? But let me tell you, it’s still not enough!”

Right after he finished speaking, more and more throw rocks began flying over. Ryong Xiao hit back a few of the projectiles, and the other guest masters all got in front of the clan members and blocked those stones.

Ryong Xiao stared right at the direction in which the stones came from. Just when he saw more stones floating up into the air, he dashed right towards that location and punched the air.

Xu Cheng immediately responded with his own fist head on. Ryong Xiao didn’t knock down Xu Cheng at all, and the punch packing almost 3 tons of force directly sent him flying away! But, Xu Cheng was also sent a few steps back, and blood began dripping from his fist and arm onto the ground, exposing him!

“He’s right there!” Ryong Xiao pointed at the blood and shouted, and the six guest masters immediately charged over!

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