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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 342.1

Chapter 342: Hard to Dodge These Stones (Part One)

Xu Cheng immediately covered his fist with his other hand to stop the blood from dripping onto the floor, and he quickly ran into the dark.

The six guest masters surrounded the spot where the blood had splattered, but no one was there anymore.

Xu Cheng endured the spicy pain in his hand and arm and hid in the shadow behind a villa. His body actually became visible again.

When Xu Cheng focused his mind, wanting to become invisible again, he noticed that he actually couldn’t! He could tell from the fact that he could still see his hand that he was not successful.

He curiously mumbled to himself, “So bleeding interrupts my stealth mode?”

Just then, the guards already began their search in his area. 

Xu Cheng directly strangled one guard’s neck and broke it with force. Then, stripping that guard naked, he put on that guy’s uniform but didn’t wear the underwear because that would be gross. When he disguised himself as a guard and appeared in the courtyard in front of Ryong Xiao’s house again, he already loaded up his pocket with stones. Nobody noticed him since everyone was panicking right now.

Two guest masters were by Ryong Xiao’s side, checking his arm. It had already been broken by the punch from Xu Cheng!

After Xu Cheng took a glance, he mixed into the crowd and began taking little stones out of his pocket again. Aiming at the back of the head of a clan member, he flicked! 

The stone went through and the clan member fell to the ground.

The people beside him began crying in terror, “Ah! He’s back!”

Ryong Xiao, the guest masters, and the other 12 core masters all guarded the clan members at the center and vigilantly looked out in all directions.

Xu Cheng also joined the crowd, pretending to be scared and guarding the clan members.

When he approached a clan member, when no one was paying attention to him, he flicked a stone!

Another clan member fell to the ground!

“AH!” People began panicking again when they saw someone falling to the ground. 

And Xu Cheng didn’t take a break. He again aimed at three members and flicked three rocks. With his ultrasound ability to locate his targets, he wouldn’t miss a shot, hitting one between the brows, one at the back of the head, and one right through the temple as well. The targets all fell onto the ground immediately without even having a chance to groan in pain.

The fall of three people at the same time immediately caused full-on panic for everyone else in the crowd! 

They were not able to see what monster was killing them, and all they know right now was that people just kept on dying. Some clan members with weaker hearts even began crying out of fear!

Ryong Xiao, the six guest masters, and the other masters all tried to use their keen observation abilities to try and capture a trace of this invisible killer, yet now, there was no blood anymore, and they didn’t even know where the stones were coming from.

No one would pay attention to the Xu Cheng who was wearing their own uniform. He had pretty decent acting skills. Just like the other guards, he would rush to help out and stand on guard whenever someone fell, so no one actually suspected him.

A few guest masters were busy trying to provide first aid to Ryong Xiao’s broken hand. At this time, a few clan members began asking Ryong Xiao in an interrogating tone, “Just what kind of monster did you provoke? Look, you indirectly killed all of these clan members! My son’s dead too!”

Those weaker elders who had lost their children all began crying and shouting in anger.

Ryong Xiao: “He’s Xu Zhenxiong’s son!”

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