Chapter 342: Hard to Dodge These Stones (Part Two)

“You just shouldn’t have been this merciless back then! Now, not only did you make the relationship with the Ye Family awkward, you also made enemies!” someone scolded him.

“It’s still not your turn to criticize my business!” Ryong Xiao directly scolded back, “Back then, Ye Ruanshu’s my fiance! If I can’t get my woman, no one can!” 

“You just can’t set aside your face! You just wanted to save your face no matter what so you went and killed that Xu Zhenxiong! Now, tell us, what should we do? More than 30 of our clan members have died already, there are only about a dozen of us left!”

“So what if I killed someone?” Ryong Xiao said furiously in his husky voice, “Even if you give me another chance, not to mention one, I would kill ten if there’s ten Xu Zhenxiongs!”

“Back then, the old master just shouldn’t have passed on the seat of the clan leader to you!” At that time, an elder sighed, “Look at tonight, look at the clan members that died!”

“I will kill that [email protected] with my bare hands and avenge the death of our clan members!” Ryong Xiao gritted his teeth and said. 

“When you are done avenging, we will probably all be dead!” the old elder retorted. 

Xu Cheng took advantage of the bickering and killed two more people!

Ryong Xiao directly rushed over because he happened to see where the rocks came from. The old man followed closely behind, and seeing that two more died, he immediately lost his calm, “Ryong Xiao, you facking brought this disaster onto the Ryong Family! You are the sinner of the Ryong Family!”

Ryong Xiao was already furious for not being able to catch Xu Cheng, and at the peak of his anger, he was even getting pointed at right at his nose by an old man and being scolded. At that instant, he was extremely annoyed and he pushed that old man. That old man immediately stumbled backward. Xu Cheng kicked a small wood piece over, and the old man stepped on it and slipped, causing his whole body to fall backward. His head directly hit the floor, and it began bleeding.

Then, the more powerful elders all came around and saw the old man’s head bleeding heavily. They immediately scolded Ryong Xiao, “You [email protected], what are you doing? Can’t an elder say something?”

Now, the elders all looked at Ryong Xiao in anger. Behemoth families needed unity the most, and they treated the transfer of power between the older and younger generations with extremely high importance. The younger generation had to respect the elders, and that was an unchanging rule in the family, or the clan would eventually fall apart.

Ryong Xiao was already furious. Xu Cheng not only dared to barge into his territory but also kill this many people. It was a direct slap to his face. As the clan leader, he wasn’t able to protect his men, and he was already so angry that he was about to puke blood, yet now he was even getting criticized by his own people, making him bring up the event from the past that he was most unwilling to bring up. It was another big slap to his face as the clan leader. Right now, the scene was already very intense as he was watching closely to see when Xu Cheng would make another move, yet his own guys were making it more difficult for him. How could he not be pissed off?

“That’s good too, it’s much quieter now,” Ryong Xiao snorted coldly.

Hearing this, the other elders all became worked up. “You [email protected], do you know what you are saying?”

Right now, all Ryong Xiao could think about was tearing Xu Cheng apart. It was as if whoever was creating trouble right now was standing in his way of killing Xu Cheng. His hate for Xu Zhenxiong was really explosive, it would go off right away when lit, and it was to the point of going crazy and losing sanity.

“Uncle Jing, I know you have always been dissatisfied with my dad’s decision, but the position of clan leader is already in my hands, you shouldn’t make a fuss about it again. Right now, I’m the clan leader. Are you planning to betray the clan and go against your superior?” Ryong Xiao said in disdain, “I wouldn’t mind letting you know that I got this position with my own power, not because of my dad.”

“Ryong Xiao!” The other elders couldn’t stand it anymore as well. “Do you have a brain or not? Clan leaders don’t have to respect elders? Don’t you know very well what’s written in the clan rules? It looks like it’s necessary for me to teach it to you!”

Just then, an elder was about to take down Ryong Xiao. Although Ryong Xiao was injured in one arm, but he was still a powerhouse of the SS-tier, and it was more than enough for him to take on a S-tier core master. He fought the elder off with one strike.

The guest masters all tried to stop the fight. “Right now’s not the time for internal conflicts!”

Xu Cheng took advantage of this chance and took down four more incompetent clan members.

The others’ faces all lost color, and Ryong Xiao directly shouted at all the guards at the scene, “Look around you, see if there’s any unfamiliar faces!”

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