Chapter 343: Congratulations, You Found Me (Part One)

All of the guards just realized what could be happening, and they began taking a close look at the people around them. Xu Cheng responded quickly and shouted as he pointed at a guard next to him, “I’ve never seen him before!”

That guard was completely dumbfounded, his face changed, and he was just about to explain himself. 

But, Ryong Xiao didn’t give him time. He narrowed his eyes, and just as Xu Cheng finished talking, he flew over with a palm strike and struck towards the guard. The guard rolled over a few times on the ground, spat out some blood, and immediately died. 

Ryong Xiao grabbed his arm but didn’t see any injury. It wasn’t Xu Cheng!

“Show me your two hands!” he shouted.

Just at that moment, Xu Cheng suddenly took out a fruit knife, and before the six guest masters could react, he traveled like a nimble cat as he flashed past the 7 remaining clan members, cutting their throats. 


When the 6 guest masters and 12 clan elders finally reacted, Xu Cheng had already run away. 

“Go after him!” Ryong Xiao shouted and he immediately chased after him as well.

But, Xu Cheng’s cat-like balance was terrifyingly overpowered, as he could pull off all kinds of difficult parkour maneuvers like walking on walls and jumping over fences. The guest masters and elders couldn’t catch him at all. Not even Ryong Xiao was capable of running through his manor this efficiently. 

After shaking them off of his tail, Xu Cheng immediately jumped into the bushes. Then, he pulled out the mask he glued onto his leg and began pasting it onto his face.

Then, making a big circle around, Xu Cheng pretended to be a guard again. 

On his way running back, a guest master ran right into him. Seeing the new Xu Cheng, he curiously asked, “Have you seen a suspicious man in a guard uniform?”

Xu Cheng, with his father’s face mask on, shook his head. “No, Guest Master, what the hell was he though?”

The guest master shook his head. “It’s a human, not a ghost. Wait a second, what did you just call me?”

Guest Master!

Usually, the insiders wouldn’t be calling them that!

When this guest master finally reacted, Xu Cheng already grabbed his head with both hands and twisted hard!


At that moment, another guest master came over. Xu Cheng immediately bent down and called in panic, “Are you alright? Someone, help!”

Another guest master rushed over and asked, “What happened here?”

Xu Cheng: “I just ran over, and I saw someone jump down, break his neck, and ran!”

“Where to?”

Xu Cheng randomly pointed somewhere and said, “That way!”

When the guest master ran past Xu Cheng and was about to chase, Xu Cheng suddenly swept the ground with his leg from behind, knocking him onto the ground. Then, with a fist following-up and punching him in the head, that guy’s head cracked like a watermelon!

There were still 4 guest masters left. Xu Cheng felt that it was still not time to take them head on. The four guest masters would likely be able to take him down if they worked together. Plus, there was also a Ryong Xiao, who was even stronger than them all. Xu Cheng must take them out one by one!

After changing to a new face, Xu Cheng appeared on the courtyard again, feeling fresh. Just like the other guards, he began searching around and patrolling.

“You, over there, help move the corpses.” Just then, a clan elder waved at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng quickly trotted over. 

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