Chapter 343: Congratulations, You Found Me (Part Two)

“Clean up this area,” the elder said to him.

Xu Cheng nodded. But then, he looked behind the elder with a horrified expression, “Elder… behind you…”

The elder’s face changed as he turned around to look. Then, two hands came from behind, grabbed onto his head, and with a twist of the neck, Xu Cheng delivered a simple and brutal death! 

Xu Cheng took care of both dead bodies together. Other people didn’t even notice it and they just thought it was a guard moving the corpses.

The other guest masters and Ryong Xiao found the two guest masters that died in the garden area, and their faces became very dark.

Ryong Xiao’s fists were tightly clenched, and fire almost shot out of his eyes.

“If this man does not die, I, Ryong Xiao, will kill myself!”

He roared, “Everyone, put the entire Ryong Family Valley on lockdown! If anyone dares to leave right now, kill them without exception!”

“Yes!” The rest of the guards that remained went in all directions to their posts, trying their best to not let Xu Cheng escape.

However, by the time those guards had scattered and went on guard around the entire Ryong Family Valley, in the pitch-black dark night, the four sky kings and 12 earth kings of the Dragon Division were already on standby and began doing ambushing work.

After Xu Cheng killed a guard, he also screamed miserably, “Ah!”

Ryong Xiao and those guest masters all rushed over like sharks that smelled blood. Tonight, they wanted to do nothing else but kill Xu Cheng and avenge their dead clan members!

When they arrived, Xu Cheng was already gone. Then, they heard a scream from the courtyard again.

When they went over, they saw 3 clan elders dead on the floor!

Feeling like they were being played like a monkey, Ryong Xiao’s eyes became bloodshot as he roared into the air, “Xu Cheng! Are you only this capable?! Don’t you want to kill me? If you want to avenge your father, then come over and take my head! I’m here waiting for you!”

From the air floated over Xu Cheng’s voice. “Am I facking retarded, coming out right now to get g–gbanged by you guys? I also want to fight you one on one, but you have too many masters by your side. I have no other option. Or, maybe you can just kill them all first, and then I will come out and 1v1 you?”

The four guest masters and 6 clan elders all looked at Ryong Xiao, a bit frightened. They were really scared that Ryong Xiao would be driven insane by everything that had happened tonight and do something crazy.

“Don’t listen to him, at least for now, he can’t leave. He will become exhausted if he continues to drag this on, and he will die for sure!” just then, a guest master said. 

“Xu Cheng, you brat, you can’t escape this place anymore. How about you just come out and let’s have a fair fight? How can you call yourself a man if you can only do things from the dark?”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t mind, just take your time and search around. I don’t mind playing hide and seek with you. You can’t blame me for your house being this big.”

Ryong Xiao asked the guest masters and elders, “Did you hear where the voice came from?”

The others nodded. “Southeast.”

Two of the guest masters said, “Us two will go, the rest of you guard here to make sure he isn’t just setting a decoy and actually coming over to attack again.” 

The two guest masters then chased after the direction where the sound came from. Just then, they saw Xu Cheng in a guard’s uniform on the ground pretending to be dead. Those two hadn’t seen Xu Cheng’s new face before.

They arrived before him and thought it was weird for a guard to just be dead here, so they got closer and wanted to check if the body was fresh which might indicate that Xu Cheng was actually close by. However, just when one of them placed his hand on Xu Cheng’s neck to feel the pulse, the Xu Cheng who had just been faking death suddenly revealed a devious smile. Then, he directly stabbed his hands through the two’s necks like two blades. The force allowed his hands to directly pierce their necks, and they couldn’t even make a sound!

Their eyes spread wide open and stared at Xu Cheng as they fell down, feeling like their necks were blocked with something, as blood kept on gushing out yet they couldn’t make a sound.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Congratulations, you found me. But, there’s no reward.”

Then, he pulled out his hands and got up as the two fell down. 

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