Chapter 344: You Kill My Dad, I Wipe Out Your Clan (Part One)

There were just two guest masters and 8 clan elders left. Although Xu Cheng could put up a fight with them, those two guest masters teaming up would create enough trouble for Xu Cheng. He wasn’t scared of a single guest master, but two teaming up with Ryong Xiao would put him in a difficult situation. Xu Cheng could only ambush or play guerilla warfare. Besides, he must deliver a fatal strike strike, or else, with the S+ power of these guest masters, Xu Cheng wouldn’t be able to finish them off this brutally and easily head on. They would probably go a bunch of rounds back and forth. By then, other people could completely join in and provide them reinforcements, and it would be very difficult for Xu Cheng to get away. Therefore, he had no choice but to ambush them, the kind that was completely unexpected and must deliver a fatal blow, or he would risk blowing his cover. Up until now, he had been pretty successful, and those that were surprise-attacked by him were all dead. Now, with the death of 4 guest masters and 4 clan elders, people began panicking even more, because it spoke volumes of Xu Cheng’s strength.

Ryong Xiao stood at the courtyard and could tell that those two guest masters weren’t returning. He looked at the empty field around him and shouted, “Brat, just come out, I will fight you. The others won’t interfere!”

Xu Cheng: “You can kill the two remaining guest masters and I will come out. As for the six clan elders, they are pretty garbage, so I don’t mind them watching.”

The six elders immediately became furious. 

The faces of those two guest masters slightly changed. Ryong Xiao said to those two, “You guys can leave now.”
The two guest masters exchanged a look and left the courtyard. They were scared that Ryong Xiao, in his current mental state, would actually do something crazy. However, just when the two were about to leave the Ryong Family Valley, a group of people in tight dragon-patterned combat uniforms appeared in front of them.

Their faces completely changed color, and just when they were about to shout, behind them, a man in a cloak and a golden Joker mask dropped down and smacked both of them at the back of the neck. The two immediately puked out blood and the four sky kings immediately got them under control. 

“Are the heads counted?”

The 16 Dragon Blades nodded. “All counted. All the guards in the outer area are dead.”

Bei Shan anxiously said, “Division Master, let’s go and help out our junior brother.” 

The division master waved his hand. “Let’s go then, let’s check out the masterpiece created by our number 2.”

They all headed into the internal area of the Ryong Family Valley. 

After the two guest masters left, Xu Cheng slowly walked out from afar. His upright and muscular body appeared from the shadows into the light, and his Xu Zhenxiong mask made Ryong Xiao’s face immediately lose its color. 

“Impossible!” Ryong Xiao almost lost his balance standing. He stumbled a bit as he pointed at Xu Cheng and said, “No! Aren’t you already dead? Are you a human or a ghost? Don’t play me! I don’t believe that you are Xu Zhenxiong! You don’t sound like him!”

“Xu Zhenxiong?” Those clan elders who also went to the Ye Family back then and saw Xu Zhenxiong were also shocked.

“Looks like you all still remember how my dad looks. That’s what I like to see. Today, I’m here to make you guys pay blood for blood!” Xu Cheng said as he ripped off his mask and showed his true face. The contour of his face had the fortitude of his father, and his eyes also looked very similar to his mother Ye Ruanshu, a bit cold and indifferent.

In the distance, the Dragon Division members and division master looked over this way. The giant Ryong Family Valley at the moment had white smoke rising everywhere. Some villas were still burning while those with the fire put out still had white smoke coming out. The entire Ryong Family Valley was a mess right now with dead bodies everywhere, and it was all a part of Xu Cheng’s masterpiece.

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