Chapter 345: Head On (Part One)

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and grabbed Ryong Xiao’s arm to counterattack. He used his three-tonnes of arm strength to swing Ryong Xiao towards a tree. 

Ryong Xiao felt like he had been grabbed by a giant elephant and thrown away, and he completely lost his balance and crashed into the tree. The leaves of the tree directly began falling down. When he stood back up, he just saw Xu Cheng flying over like a cannonball, with his kneecap aiming right at him. 

Ryong Xiao immediately lept into the air to dodge this strike and then descended with an axe kick down at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng grabbed his ankle and directly slammed him in another direction!


The ground immediately cracked, and Ryong Xiao’s arm and back dragged against the floor as he slid away a few meters. He immediately did a flip to consume some of that momentum and regained his balance, gaining a stance on the ground. He looked at Xu Cheng with a serious expression.

Xu Cheng pointed at him with his finger and gestured for him to bring it on. “Come on! Show me what the clan leader of the Ryong Family is capable of. Prove to me that you are stronger than my dad back in the days.”

Ryong Xiao wiped the blood stains off of the corner of his mouth. A hint of fierceness flashed across his face, and he directly slammed down onto the ground with his feet, propelling himself to fly towards Xu Cheng like the wind. That speed caught Xu Cheng off guard, and his abdominal area received a direct hit from Ryong Xiao’s knee strike, sending him flying into a tree. The tree directly broke into halves.

“A brat that doesn’t know how high the sky is, do you really think that there’s such a thing called civilian hero? Today, I will sacrifice your life to appease all of the souls of the Ryong Family that died tonight!” Ryong Xiao coldly looked at him.

Xu Cheng squatted down and coughed once, spitting out a mouthful of blood. But, he smiled and said, “Then I will have to disappoint you. Today, I’m going to wipe out the entire Ryong Family, including you, Ryong Xiao!”

Then, he slowly stood up upright.

When Ryong Xiao flew over again to strike, meat pads grew out on Xu Cheng’s feet and hands and he began dodging like an agile cat. At this moment, his brain was completely capable of running to analyze and predict all of Ryong Xiao’s moves. 

However, Ryong Xiao’s power was still enough to make anything he touched shatter. His kicks would directly send a wave of tremors on the tiles on the floor, and when his punch landed on the wall behind Xu Cheng, it was enough to immediately blow out a giant hole in the wall.

Seeing how the two men were quite even in their match-up, Bei Shan and the others were all shocked. 

“The feeling this brat gave me is the power of someone lower than the S level, but why is it that he can match up against an SS-tier master like Ryong Xiao? Although it looks like he’s at a disadvantage, Ryong Xiao isn’t at too much of an advantage.” 

At that moment, the division master said, “This is called being reserved.”

The others looked at the division master, a bit confused. 

Division Master: ‘When a person’s strength has reached a certain level, in fact, many people forget how to hide their sharp edge, causing it to become their weaknesses and flaws. The opponents would, on a certain degree, guard against the edge and find ways to defeat them. However, if one could really summon and withdraw his powers at will, that’s when he steps into the realm of grandmasters. This is also what I find most valuable in this kid. He would never show all of his abilities and power at once, and he would always adjust his strength to match up against his opponent. During this process, he will have a chance to trick the opponents to lower their guard and reveal some flaws. During fights between masters, the slightest mistake or difference could lead to a drastic difference in outcome. Anyone would try to look for the moment the opponent reveals a flaw, and just one strike, the real masters only need this one strike and it will be enough to destroy the opponent.”

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