Chapter 345: Head On (Part Two)

Looking at the Ryong Xiao that was constantly on the offensive, the division master continued and said, “Sometimes, being on defense isn’t being at a disadvantage. The attacker needs a lot of confidence to think that he can quickly destroy the opponent, and when that doesn’t happen, his mentality will crumble and so will his rhythm. Ryong Xiao’s attacking patterns have probably all been memorized by this brat!”

Then, everyone continued watching the fight, and just as the division master said, when defending, Xu Cheng was already beginning to slowly move onto the offensive side.

Ryong Xiao’s attacks haven’t reached the point where he could switch up to his heart’s content, and he even reused one of his moves. Just that move alone let Xu Cheng seize the opportunity. He directly grabbed onto Ryong Xiao’s arm, using all of his strength, he directly pulled Ryong Xiao off of the ground and threw him away like a sandbag.

Ryong Xiao directly crashed into a villa’s wall, knocking it down.

When Xu Cheng charged up, Ryong Xiao suddenly kicked forward while he was still in the pile of gravel and hit right in Xu Cheng’s stomach, sending him flying and rolling on the ground for a dozen meters.

The division master said to all of the Dragon Division members, “Go and search around, I’m feeling that we are missing a person in the Ryong Family!”

The Ace of Spades: “It’s the old master of the Ryong Family!”

The J of Diamonds: “Could it be that he’s dead already? After giving his seat to Ryong Xiao, he basically disappeared.”

Division Master: “I’m still well alive, he’s 20 years younger than me, he couldn’t have possibly died this early. If this person doesn’t die, it will be another blood bath. Hurry up and look for him, I will keep a watch here. Also, the little junior brother already exposed my Shadow Fist technique. If those clan elders are smart, they would’ve already recognized it. They must die!”

Dragon Blades: “Yes, Master!”

Then, they all disappeared into the night.

Ryong Xiao picked up a big rock from the pile of gravel and threw it towards Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng stood up and did a tornado kick, shattering that rock.

“Shadow Fist!” The elders finally realized what they were seeing before, and one of them exclaimed, “It’s Zhang Chenfeng’s Shadow Fist!”
The other elders also exclaimed, “It’s the Dragon Division!”

Immediately after that, the footsteps of Bei Shan and the others sounded behind their backs. Those clan elders were quick to react and they turned around right away and began fighting the 16 Dragon Blades.

“I was just wondering where you learned your skills, so you are actually Zhang Chenfeng’s disciple?” Ryong Xiao narrowed his eyes and looked at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng was confused, so that old man’s named Zhang Chenfeng?

“Very well! After I take care of you, I will wipe out the Dragon Division!” Ryong Xiao said in a deep voice. Then, he stomped the ground and charged towards Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng swept the tiles on the ground with a kick, and the tiles all flew into the air. Then, like soccer balls, he kicked those tiles in the air towards Ryong Xiao.

Ryong Xiao crossed his arms and blocked in front of him, and when those tiles smashed against his arms, it was quite painful, especially because one of his arms was already injured from earlier Ryong Xiao arrived before Xu Cheng and directly smashed towards him. Xu Cheng used his chest to take that direct hit. Then, with his right hand shaped into a blade, he raised it up high and chopped down at the arm that threw the punch.

He used all of his strength, so when the hand blade came down, with a loud crack, Ryong Xiao’s entire arm dislocated and almost fell onto the ground.

“Ah!” Ryong Xiao yelled in pain. Xu Cheng also spat out some blood and took a few steps back from taking that punch head on! Then, he forcibly kept himself standing despite the pain. At this instant, the water bear’s strong survival and endurance abilities erupted, and guarded his heart and then allowed him to muster all of his strength again immediately. He took a step forward, and with a kick that contained every last bit of strength he got, he kicked towards Ryong Xiao’s heart.


Ryong Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body flew away into the distance like a cannonball, rolling a dozen times on the floor before finally stopping.

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