Chapter 346: Bring the Head to the Ye Family (Part One)

The punch that Xu Cheng took wasn’t light at all, and he almost couldn’t get up after falling down onto his bum.

In the distance, Ryong Xiao was also laying on the ground, not moving. Both of them seemed to have lost the ability to keep on fighting.

When the division master appeared beside the clan elders, those people’s faces immediately changed. “You broke the rules!”

The division master had a mask on, and no one could see what his expression was.

“It’s not the Dragon Division that broke the rules, but you guys. Behemoth clans originally aren’t at fault, but if you cross the boundary, then the only result is death! This is the Dragon Division’s rules, but it also applies to you.”

Then, the golden Joker’s cloak moved as he waved his hand, and the elder that was just talking was immediately sent out flying by the slap as he puked out blood and died on the spot!

The other elders were out-numbered, and they were killed one after another by the Dragon Blades. 

The Dragon Division people all looked over at Xu Cheng’s direction.

They noticed that Ryong Xiao had slowly stood up. Bei Shan became nervous and was about to head over, but the division master blocked his path.

“Let them resolve this themselves. Ryong Xiao’s life belongs to Xu Cheng, and he will probably fight whoever kills Ryong Xiao.”

“But Junior Brother’s not up yet and Ryong Xiao is! He’s in danger!’ The J of Diamonds was also getting nervous.

People couldn’t see the eyes and expression of the division master behind that mask, and he faintly said, “Trust your junior brother! If you guys go and kill Ryong Xiao, you would’ve basically killed him too. Let him do this himself. Let’s go. Inspect every inch of the Ryong Family territory, leave no survivors!”

Bei Shan: “But-”

The division master said in a deep voice, “Are you not going to listen to orders?”

Everyone immediately then scattered to look for survivors. What happened tonight at the Ryong Family must not be leaked out. It would be fine if the news just reported that the people here mysteriously died of some gas explosion or disease, but it must stay a secret as to who killed them.

Right now, Ryong Xiao’s two hands were basically useless, but even though he couldn’t muster any strength with his hands, he could still use his feet to crush Xu Cheng’s skull and end his life. From then on, he would be able to finally erase the tainted and embarrassing mark Xu Zhenxiong had put on his life.

He coughed out blood as he walked forward with great difficulty. He didn’t care at all whether there were people of the Dragon Division behind him, right now, the only thought in his consciousness was to kill Xu Cheng, just like how he killed Xu Zhenxiong back then. 

The division master watched from afar, and he was also shouting anxiously in his heart, “Brat, hurry and get up!”

Xu Cheng’s heartbeat was very weak, but the water bear genes guarded his heart so he didn’t die completely. The critical strike just now made him go into the suspended animation state.

But in Xu Cheng’s unconsciousness, he could clearly hear the slow footsteps of Ryong Xiao walking over. His fingers moved a bit, yet he couldn’t clench it into a fist. His heart was still weak and there was not enough blood circulation, so he couldn’t muster any strength at all.

His consciousness was battling with the water bears. This gene autonomously blocked out all of his antibody functions and put him in suspended animation, but how could he possibly just lie there and pretend to be dead at a critical moment like this?!

With his head on the ground, he could hear the footsteps getting louder and louder. He heard Ryong Xiao coughing up blood as he said in a low and creepy voice, “Xu Zhenxiong, you were no match for me for your whole life, and now, let me send your son to hell for you two to reunite. Oh and also your wife, I will kill her soon too.”

When he got in front of Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng seemed to be struggling, and his fingers were trembling.

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