Chapter 347: Whoever Blocks My Path, I Will Kill Him! (Part One)

An off-road Hummer traveled over a mountainous area, and when the passengers finally arrived outside of the Ryong Family Valley, the elder saw from afar that smoke was still rising from the Ryong Family Valley. The fire seemed to have gone out. 

“Drive faster!” he said to the Ryong Family descendent that was driving the car.

On the driver’s seat was the one that was missing from the Ryong Family list – Ryong Fei.

And the white-haired elder with sharp eyes sitting beside him was the former clan leader of the Ryong Family. 

When the two of them arrived at the manor that was now leveled to the ground by fire, the old man’s wrinkled face began to tremble. Sharp fury and murderous intent burst out of his eyes.

He turned around and grabbed Ryong Fei by the neck and asked in a deep voice, “Who was it?!”

Ryong Fei almost couldn’t breath from being grabbed and his eyes almost rolled up. He wanted to talk, but he was really having some next-level difficulty doing so. 

“Old Master… I can’t- can’t talk- anymore…”

The Ryong Family’s old man let him go, and Ryong Fei coughed and gasped for air as he tried to take deep breaths. After finally getting enough oxygen, he said, “I don’t know what happened, but a lot of people just began dying mysteriously. People thought our place was haunted and they said it was some ghost named Xu Zhenxiong coming to take our lives.”

“Xu Zhenxiong?” A complicated look appeared in the old man’s eyes. 

Ryong Fei nodded. “The entire valley was in chaos, the murderer killed people and started fires. I took the opportunity and escaped from the Ryong Family Valley to find you, Old Master. I didn’t know we were still too late…”

The Ryong Family’s old man: “Was there anything suspicious recently?”

“Yeah,” Ryong Fei said, “Clan Master suddenly asked me to use my connections to investigate a person called Xu Cheng. I checked, and he’s the orphan of Xu Zhenxiong and Ye Ruanshu!”

“The orphan of Xu Zhenxiong and Ye Ruanshu?” The old man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the scorched ruins where the Ryong Family manor had once stood. He suddenly asked Ryong Fei, “To go from our place to the Ye Family’s, how long does it take?”

“About one day. If by train, about a day and a half,” Ryong Fei said. 

The old man of the Ryong Family bent down and touched the scorched rubble and said, “Let’s go to the Ye Family’s. The perpetrator hasn’t left for too long.”

– At the Kunlun Glacial Mountain Region, the gate of the Ye Manor – 

Xu Cheng stood there with his head up tall. The four guards of the Ye Manor saw him and interrogated, “Who are you?’

“I’m here to pick up my mom.” Xu Cheng faintly said. On his back, he was carrying a bag with blood seeping out of it.

“You got the wrong place. Hurry up and leave this area, or you will die.”

Xu Cheng directly walked towards the main gate, and a guard immediately came over to grab Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng grabbed his wrist and threw him to the side, sending that guard flying a dozen meters out.

Immediately, the other guards also moved, but Xu Cheng sent one of them crashing through the Ye Manor’s gate with one kick, and punched out, sending the two others flying into the stone lions by the gate. 

“I’m too lazy to talk with you guys.” Xu Cheng sneered and went straight into the Ye Manor.

He had been here before, so this time, he knew exactly where he was going to get to the dungeon his mom was being held.

“Who dares to break into the Ye Manor!” At this time, some guards came over and surrounded him.

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