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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 347.2

Chapter 347: Whoever Blocks My Path, I Will Kill Him! (Part Two)

Xu Cheng didn’t bother acknowledging these guards at all. He glanced at the entire courtyard of the Ye Family in front of him and shouted, “People of the Ye Family, listen up! I, Xu Cheng! The Son of Xu Zhenxiong! Am here to pick up my mom!”

That sound continued to echo throughout the valley and mountainside, and it also travelled to the dungeon at the back of the estate.

Ye Ruanshu who was originally talking with Lan Ting immediately got up. “Lan Ting, did you hear something?”

Lan Ting’s body also trembled. “I think I heard something, it seems to be Young Master’s voice. He said he’s Xu Zhenxiong’s son! He’s the son of Master!”

“Cheng’er?!” Ye Ruanshu’s mouth trembled. “He said, he’s here to pick up his mom, right?”

Lan Ting nodded. “Yes, Madam, Young Master actually came! He’s here!”

Ye Ruanshu’s face dramatically changed. “Hurry up and go and stop him! Hurry, tell him to get out of here! Hurry, Lan Ting!”

At the front, the steward of the Ye Family slowly emerged from the crowd. He was the eldest son of the Old Master Ye, Ye Ruanshu’s big brother, Ye Lintian.

He looked towards Xu Cheng and asked with a bit of uncertainty, “Just now, who did you say you were?”

Xu Cheng took a step forward, looked straight into his eyes, and said, “Son of Xu Zhenxiong, Xu Cheng!”

Then, he directly tossed forward the package he was carrying. Ryong Xiao’s head immediately rolled out and the guards were all shocked as their faces lost color upon seeing this. 

Ye Lintian was also shocked upon seeing Ryong Xiao’s head. “What the!”

“You are not seeing it wrong. This is the head of the one that killed my father, Ryong Xiao! He’s already dead, you guys don’t have to suck up to anyone now. Let go of my mom.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The head of the Ryong Family leader, Ryong Xiao!

Ye Lintian was very suspicious of whether it was a prank. He squatted down and took a look at the head. It wasn’t artificial but very real. He looked up and asked Xu Cheng, “How did you kill him?”

Xu Cheng said, word for word, “It isn’t just Ryong Xiao that’s dead. Each and every one of the over 70 people in the Ryong Family have died by my hands. I know the Ye Family locked up my mom to not anger the Ryong Family, now can you let her go?”

Ye Lin tian looked at Xu Cheng with a complicated expression. At last, he said to Xu Cheng, “This is the business between two families. Even if the Ryong Family doesn’t condemn Ruanshu’s actions, she still brought shame to the Ye Family. She’s already lucky enough to be alive, but she won’t leave this place for the rest of her life!”

Xu Cheng’s face immediately dropped down. “I also didn’t expect you guys to let go of my mom so easily, so don’t blame me for using force!”

Ye Lintian scolded angrily. “Are you trying to learn from your dad? Back then, he tried to use force too, and he died right here!”

“Oh yeah?” Xu Cheng’s face darkened. “Then I will finish what he started. I will consider the fact that you people come from the same family as my mom, and I will make myself clear. Whoever dares to block my path, I will kill them!”

“You still know that your mom is from the same family as us? Then you shouldn’t be doing this! This is the rule of our clan! Back then, if she didn’t fall in love with Xu Zhenxiong, there wouldn’t have been this much trouble!”

“Love and marriage are free, it’s your rotten rules that destroyed so many people that you deem to be lower class!” Xu Cheng loudly retorted. “Don’t pull the clan rule bs on me! Let me tell you today, my last name is Xu, not Ye! Whoever blocks my path, I will kill them! Back then, my father died here. Today, whoever dares to block my path, I will let them die here as an offering to my father!”

Ye Lintian snorted and waved forward, signaling the guards. “Take him down!”

Over 30 guards charged up. Xu Cheng twisted his wrist and put on Charle’s diamond-tipped gloves. When a guard threw a kick over, he punched his fist right into that guy’s thighs, triggering a miserable scream that sounded like a pig before getting slaughtered. 

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