Chapter 348: Go in by Force (Part One)

Xu Cheng directly lifted the guard and threw him towards the people that were coming at him, immediately knocking five guards back. Another guard came at him from the side with a flying kick, and Xu Cheng grabbed him by the ankle and began swinging him around like a stick, fending off all the guards that were in range. He was unstoppable as he progressed towards the inner courtyard.

When Lan Ting came out from the back and saw this scene, she was dumbfounded.

She immediately ran over to stop the fight between Xu Cheng and the guards.

Seeing her, Xu Cheng faintly called out, “Auntie Lan, move out of my way.”

Lan Ting was scared that Xu Cheng would die here, so she hid him behind her and said to Ye Lintian, “Master, please let this child go, he’s innocent! After all, he’s from the same family!”

Ye Lintian was also dumbfounded. The way Xu Cheng was fighting just now, that power should not belong to someone of his age. Such a domineering force that crushed anyone in his path was enough to show that this nephew’s strength was no less than his!

“Lan Ting, you should know that Ruanshu’s the sinner of the family right now. Talk some sense into this brat, tell him not to do anything reckless,” Ye Lintian said to Lan Ting. 

Lan Ting nodded, and she turned around and said to Xu Cheng, “Why are you here?”

Xu Cheng said with no expression, “To pick up my mom.”

Lan Ting: “Stop messing around!”

Xu Cheng: “I’m not! I’m bringing her out for my dad. Even if she dies, she will definitely still want to be buried with my dad! All of you so-called family members, is your reputation more important or the happiness of your family? Even if she dies, you guys still want her to die in that dungeon? Today, either you move out of my way, or I will go in by force! My fists and blades have no eyes, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Where do you think you are!” At this moment, many big brothers, little brothers, and cousins of Ye Ruanshu came out from the back. They all looked at Xu Cheng, judging him from top to bottom. 

They didn’t expect Xu Zhenxiong’s son to be this big already.

“You think the Ye Manor is some place you can just come and leave at will? Ruanshu broke the clan rules, so how the clan deals with her is the matter of our clan, we don’t need to hear your opinion!” one of Xu Cheng’s uncles scolded.

“Just what kind of clan rules will keep someone behind bars for over twenty years? The greatest kindness in the world is the love from one’s parents! You can insist on saving face, and I will save my mother to repay her kindness. We will both do our things. As for your rules, I couldn’t care less!”

Ye Lintian looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Let me warn you one last time. If you insist on going your own way, don’t blame us for killing you!”

“Let me ask one last time as well, are you letting her go or no?” Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at those relatives of his.

Ye Lintian said, word for word, “The rules of the Ye Family will not change in a thousand years!” 

“Very good!” Xu Cheng said. He looked towards Lan Ting and said, “Auntie Lan, please move out of my way and go inside to take care of my mother. Tell her, I’m here to save her, not to acknowledge her as my mother, but to bring her to my dad’s grave to see him.”

Then, Xu Cheng pushed Lan Ting out of the way and took a step forward. 

The guards in front of him began taking a step back for every step Xu Cheng took forward. Just now, the two moves Xu Cheng did already shocked them.

“All of you, back off!” At this time, Ye Lintian raised his arm and told the guards to back off. Then, he stepped forward and said, staring at Xu Cheng, “Today, if you can walk past me here, you can bring your mother away.”

What was there to say? 

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