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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 348.2

Chapter 348: Go in by Force (Part Two)

Xu Cheng swept the tiles on the ground with a kick, and the tiles immediately began flying towards eight of the core Ye Family members. Then, Xu Cheng charged up and swung forward with the diamond-spiked brawler’s gloves. Ye Lintian was shocked, and he originally intended to take it, but when he saw the dazzling and sharp diamond thorns under the sun, he gritted his teeth and immediately dodged to the side.

Eight more members of the Ye Family surrounded Xu Cheng again and began attacking him again. Xu Cheng roared angrily, and he forcefully stomped the ground with 40x the power!

The ground rumbled, and when those Ye Family members suddenly lost their footing, Xu Cheng took advantage of the opening and attacked. He aimed for the weakest one among them, and his Shadow Fist technique was simply too overwhelming, leaving his opponent feeling as if thousands of fists were coming at him.

Bam bam bam bam…

Three people were struck by Xu Cheng’s palms in the chest, and they were immediately sent flying out. 

These second-gen members of the Ye Family (TL Note: counted backwards, so the first gen is the youngest generation) were completely no match for the SS tier Xu Cheng. If he was not up against masters like Ryong Xiao, no one would be able to take a punch from him!

After fending off three people, Xu Cheng said coldy, “If we fight again, I won’t be using my palm. My fist will go through your chest!”

Ye Lintian suddenly moved and charged at Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng directly took him head on, their palms colliding!

Ye Lintian wasn’t weak, and he made Xu Cheng take back five steps, but he was directly sent flying by Xu Cheng and crashed into a pillar.

“Big Brother!” The second gen members of the Ye Family all went over to help Ye Lintian up.

Xu Cheng was too lazy to care about these people and he just turned around and walked deeper into the Ye Manor. Who knew that 7 more second-gen Ye Family members would charge out and block his path, beginning to attack him again. 

Xu Cheng bent down and dodged a kick, and he angrily returned a side kick right into that guy’s waist, sending that man flying away like a cannonball.

Then, another member leaped high into the air and descended to elbow Xu Cheng’s head. Xu Cheng lifted his leg high into the air, forming a straight line with both legs. His foot hit that man right in the chest as he came down. Then, whipping his leg to the side, that guy was sent flying. 

Ye Lintian watched as he realized that he was unstoppable, so he directly shouted at the guards, “Take him down!”

The guards swarmed over like ants. Xu Cheng coldly glared at them, and then he proceeded to pull out one of the giant pillars of the house on the side and began waving it around like he was the Monkey King.

Wherever the pillar travelled, everyone in the way was whipped out!

After one swipe, at least over a dozen guards got lifted off of their feet. Some got pushed into the lake, some into walls. 

Ye Lintian immediately charged forward and broke the pillar with a punch, and when the broken wood pieces were flying everywhere, Xu Cheng directly charged to Ye Lintian and landed a palm strike onto Ye Lintian’s chest.

(TL Note: lol I thought Xu Cheng said he was going to stop using palm strikes and was going to fist them up the bum) 

Ye Lintian immediately coughed up blood as he flew back into 4 guards that were behind him, knocking them down as well.

Another batch of guards swarmed over and surrounded Xu Cheng with guns.

Lan Ting’s face immediately lost color at the sight of this. “No!”

Bang bang bang bang!

Those guards directly open-fired at Xu Cheng!

(TL Note: okay, now Xu Cheng’s gonna start fisting them up the bum)

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  1. Muttowsing Sanjay

    Damn love those TL notes , feel like watching a movie with your friends and discussing it on the spot

    • noodletowntranslated

      ayyyy gotchu fam

    • Kareem Hussaini

      I know, right? Some people think it breaks immersion, but some novels already break your suspension of disbelief, so all you can do is have fun. I love you noodles!

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