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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 349.1

Chapter 349: Don’t Hurt My Child (Part One)

Within that instant, Lan Ting already had no way to stop those guards from shooting at Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng crossed his arms in front of his head, and he suddenly raised the tension of his body muscles up 40x. 

He roared to add to a bit of his domineering presence. 

When over a dozen rifles opened fire at him, white smoke spots appeared on his body. 

Lan Ting almost fainted from being so scared. She fell onto the ground when she thought that it was already too late.

After those guns emptied their clips, the guards found that among the smoke, Xu Cheng was still standing there, unwavering.

Ye Lintian waved his hand, and the guns were all withdrawn. However, after the smoke dissipated, Xu Cheng still stood there, although his clothes were already full of holes.


Whether it was on the ground or the body, there was no blood! 

Xu Cheng’s body was flushed red by the bullets, but his skin didn’t break. The bullets were scattered around on the ground below Xu Cheng’s feet. 

Everyone was shocked.

The guards were dumbfounded. When Xu Cheng put down his hands, his face became cold, and they knew this guy was pissed. 

He cracked his neck and shook his body. It seemed like those bullets made his skin a bit numb. He coldly glanced at the guards that fired, and murderous intent flashed across his eyes. 

“Then you can’t blame me anymore!”

After Xu Cheng said that, he instantly disappeared on the spot. Under the berserker state, his cat genes were able to evolve, and his agile speed became even more ridiculously violent. Within one second, he dashed 10 meters and arrived before the first row of armed guards. With one punch, he blasted apart the head of one of the guards, sending blood and flesh flying. 

Immediately after, with his hand shaping into blade form, he pierced another guard’s chest. Then, he began the slaughter in the crowd, and with blood and flesh splattering everywhere, the scene smelled incredibly bloody. 

The second-gen members of the Ye Family immediately backed off. Right now, Xu Cheng had completely entered a rage state. One punch from him was enough to break a rifle and then penetrate the abdomen of a guard. The power was simply too violent and domineering.

A second-gen Ye Family member made up his mind and charged over with a dagger in hand. Xu Cheng’s ultrasonic senses already captured his path. He turned around and grabbed onto his blades with his gloves on, He looked at him with a face full of blood, and he threw a kick at his belly. “F–k off!”

The second-gen Ye Family member immediately flew into a tree like a cannonball, and most of the leaves were directly shaken off of the branches!

That guy from the Ye Family immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood and then fell unconscious.

“You guys want to play with guns, right?” Xu Cheng grabbed over a rifle with his eyes burning with rage. Then, aiming it towards the guards, he roared, “Let me teach you how to play!”

Then, with the ultrasound senses in his brain, he locked onto those guards. The accurate bullets aimed at the targets around him as the rifle opened fire!

The bullets flew out, each landing on a headshot.

The ten bullets in the rifle in his hand immediately took down 10 guards, and the other guards were immediately startled as they began to take cover. At this moment, they were all looking at him like he was a devil, all trying their best to avoid him.

The second-gen Ye Family all ran over to check out the injury of their peer that flew into the tree, and after seeing the injury he suffered, they all looked at Xu Cheng as if they were looking at a monster.

Seeing that the attacks stopped temporarily, he also calmed down and looked at the other second-gen members and said, “Don’t force me!”

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