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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 349.2

Chapter 349: Don’t Hurt My Child (Part Two)

Then, Xu Cheng immediately walked into an inner layer of the manor, but he saw an elder standing there, blocking his path.

Upon seeing this elder, they all exclaimed, “Chief!”

And this man was the leader of the Ye Family, Ye Nantian. 

Right now, over 90-years-old, he rarely managed the affairs of the Ye Family. But today, it was the first time something as big as this happened . It was even more serious than when Xu Zhenxiong came over last time, so he had no choice but to come out.

Seeing Xu Cheng’s face, he was in a daze for a brief moment.

He sighed, “You really do look like your father. But here, today, the reputation of the Ye Family cannot be destroyed because of you. Your dad couldn’t, and neither can you!”

Xu Cheng faintly said, “I just want to bring my mom out!”

The old man said, “Then you will have to walk over my dead body!”

“Xu Cheng! He’s your grandpa, don’t you dare hit him!” the other Ye Family members angrily threatened Xu Cheng. 

Xu Cheng turned around to look at those people, and he coldly said, “I have already said, my last name is Xu, not Ye!”

When he turned around to face the old man, he said with a loud voice, “Back when my father was forced to his death, the Ye and Xu Families were destined to drift apart further and further.”

Then, he expressionlessly said to the old man, “Move out of my way!”

The old man suddenly struck out with a palm at Xu Cheng’s chest, directly sending him flying away into rolling on the ground. 

He coughed up some blood.

The master of the Ye Family walked over as he said in rage, “Back then, your mother brought great shame to the Ye Family name, and I’m already being nice to spare her life. Your dad was not sensible, and it looks like you aren’t as well! Let me tell you, the thousand years of the Ye Family’s legacy will not break its rules just because of my tolerance. Today, I will open up this case again and thoroughly judge this case!”

Xu Cheng coughed up another mouthful of blood. Suddenly, he creepily smiled, “Let this mouthful of blood be me returning the dirty Ye Family blood that’s in my body. And as for that palm strike, I will just take it as my respect for you since you are an elderly man. But, old man, listen up, if you dare to harm my mom, I will let the rivers of the Ye Family run red!”

“You really don’t know how high the sky is!” The old man sneered, and he suddenly disappeared, appearing right before Xu Cheng again. Xu Cheng actually captured his movement already, but because he was on the ground, he didn’t have the time to dodge it. Xu Cheng was immediately sent flying again by the old man’s kick, and then immediately, the old man landed another palm strike on Xu Cheng’s chest!


Xu Cheng spat out some more blood as he slid against the ground out for a few more meters.

“Stop fighting!” Just then, Ye Ruanshu in a white prison uniform stood at the gate of the courtyard. She saw her son Xu Cheng was already coughing up blood, her heart ached so much as she hurriedly ran over and knelt down. She held Xu Cheng in her embrace and began crying, “Cheng’er!”

She cried her heart out as she looked at her son and then turned around and begged the old man of the Ye Family, “Dad, please spare this child’s life!”

The old man stood there with his hands behind his back, his face cold like iron.

Xu Cheng coughed again and more blood came out, but on his face, he still had a mocking smile. “If begging him was any use, would my dad have died? Move out of my way, this old thing is just a cold-blooded animal!”

“You are courting death!” The old man immediately flew over with his palm extended. 

Ye Ruanshu opened her arms and guarded in front of Xu Cheng, her eyes closed. “Just let my death end all grudges. If you want to kill someone, just kill me! But don’t hurt my son!”

“Guards! Put this woman back in prison!” The old man shouted at the guards around them. 

The guards immediately came closer.

Suddenly, Xu Cheng pulled his mom to behind him, and a chilling light flashed past his eyes as he angrily roared, “Who dares!”

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  1. Who abides by such silly clan rules? All they care about is their reputation, not even a family member’s happiness and well being. Too bad!

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