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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 350.1

Chapter 350: You Guys Forced Me! (Part One)

Ye Ruanshu looked at Xu Cheng, tears streaming down her face like rain. Similar!

Too similar! 

Just like his father!

Ye Ruanshu stared at Xu Cheng in a daze. “Child, just go. As long as you are alive and well, that would be fulfilling my greatest wish already”

With his back facing her, he looked at the guards coldly and said, “No! I still need to bring you to my dad’s grave! Twenty years, it’s been twenty years since he heard your voice! I think there’s also a lot you want to say to him. I’m taking you out of this place. Today, whether dead or alive, as a son, I will live for my dad for today!”

Then, he stood up upright. He was very tall, even 10 cm taller than the 180 cm Xu Zhenxiong. 

He took a few steps forward, and those guards that were scared of him took a few steps back. 

Only the old man of the Ye Family stood there unmovingly, like a mountain.

His eyes narrowed. “Looks like you don’t want to live anymore.”

“I want to live, and after I destroy you guys, I will keep living!” Xu Cheng said, and he dashed forward and appeared in front of the old master of the Ye Family. With a punch thrown over, the old man slapped above his wrist, and his diamond gloves were smacked off right away.

Throwing over another punch, the old master of the Ye Family smacked it off like the last time. Then, he kicked Xu Cheng in the chest, sending him flying again as he landed on his knees, bleeding. 

The sharp pain was already making Xu Cheng grit his teeth. With one hand on the ground, he forced himself to not fall down.

“Stop fighting already!” Ye Ruanshu cried as if she had gone crazy as she crawled over, but Ye Lintian grabbed her and stopped her from going any further. 

She struggled hard but couldn’t break free, and her eyes were already red from the tears. “Please just let him go! Cheng’er’s innocent!” 

The Chief of the Ye Family: “He trespassed into the Ye Family’s territory! How many guards has he killed already? If he’s not dead, then can anyone just break in tomorrow or the days after?” 

“I beg you all, just let my child go! Please!” Ye Ruanshu directly kneeled on the ground and she began kowtowing hard with her forehead banging on the ground. 

“Don’t kneel!” Xu Cheng shouted at her, “Stand up! I forbid you to kneel!”

Seeing how helpless his mom was, Xu Cheng’s eyes went bloodshot as blood began boiling inside his body. A series of crazy genes ignited in his body, and he suddenly roared!


His clothes that were already full of holes now directly shattered. A kind of aura rippled away with him as the center, blowing away the dust and leaves around. Those guards all took a  few steps back to avoid the shockwave. 

The old man of the Ye Family’s hair was also blown back.

Xu Cheng stood there, with veins popping out from his muscular body, sending chills down the spines of those guards. 

His feet suddenly shook, immediately shattering the tiles on the ground and the crack pattern began radiating out. It was quite obvious how powerful it was. 

The old man of the Ye Family was quite close to Xu Cheng, and he could clearly see that some pattern began appearing on Xu Cheng’s chest, one that was similar to the lines of turtle shells!

He shockingly looked at Xu Cheng. “This is…”

Xu Cheng suddenly charged forward with his fist. The old man had a quick reaction, he grabbed Xu Cheng’s hand and then landed a palm strike on Xu Cheng’s chest.


Xu Cheng didn’t seem to feel anything at all. He looked at the old man’s palm on his chest, and then looked back at the old man. Then, he suddenly grabbed the old man’s wrist and threw him away like a bag of trash.

The face of the old master of the Ye Family scraped against the ground before he finally came to a stop!

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  1. deemon900

    Why are all the mc’s female family members dumbazzes. Also really hoping he won’t p*ssy out and spare the ye family.

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