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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 350.2

Chapter 350: You Guys Forced Me! (Part Two)

Xu Cheng touched his chest!

So the physique that allowed him to block the bullets earlier was this turtle armor? Now, this gene finally awakened?

“Chief!” The members of the Ye Family all exclaimed in shock, they completely didn’t expect their chief to be thrown away like this.

The old man of the Ye Family immediately got up, and he looked at Xu Cheng with a confused look.

With incredibly fast footsteps, he charged up to Xu Cheng, and the old man landed another strike on Xu Cheng’s chest. Xu Cheng was also forced back a step by the powerful force!

However, it was just one step, and he gritted his teeth and stood his ground.

The old man struck with another palm strike, hitting Xu Cheng’s chest again.

Xu Cheng took two more steps back. Then, grabbing on his hand, he forcefully threw the old man of the Ye Family over his shoulder onto the ground!

When the chief of the Ye Family was thrown onto the ground, the whole surface tremored. He directly spat out blood when his old bones hit the floor, and the tiles all shattered as well. 

“Chief!” The entire Ye Family exclaimed, worried and terrified. 

Seeing Xu Cheng was about to punch down at the old man on the ground, Ye Ruanshu immediately said, “Cheng’er, no!”

Xu Cheng suddenly stopped and was in a daze for a brief moment. But, who knew that this old man would become so angry out of embarrassment that he would suddenly reach out and poke Xu Cheng at a few key acupoints. Xu Cheng suddenly lost balance, feeling as if his joints were fixed as he fell to the ground.

The chief of the Ye Family suddenly shot up from the ground and smacked towards Xu Cheng’s head. But who knew, when his palm touched Xu Cheng’s head, he heard a loud “dang” sound. Xu Cheng’s head actually didn’t shatter, but the impact made Xu Cheng’s eyes lose focus for a brief moment, causing a brief spell of vertigo. 

He recovered very quickly, and he hooked onto the old man’s legs with his feet and forcefully pulled to the sides!

The old man immediately fell to the ground, and Xu Cheng stood back up and lifted his fist high into the air, about to smackdown. 

Ye Lintian directly grabbed on Xu Cheng’s waist and shouted, “What are you guys looking at? Come over and kill him!”

The other members of the Ye Family immediately rushed over, trying to contain Xu Cheng.


Upon seeing this, Ye Ruanshu panicked, “What are you guys doing?”

The old man directly stood up and poked at his other acupoints, stopping Xu Cheng’s blood flow at that moment.

Ye Ruanshu ran over and tried to pull back some of the members of the Ye Family. “Let my child go!”

Ye Lintian pushed Ye Ruanshu with his elbow, and she fell to the ground right away and looked really pitiful.

Xu Cheng roared in anger and landed a fist on Ye Lintian’s chest right away.


Ye Lintian’s body shook violently with blood drifting out from his mouth. Then, his limbs slowly softened, and with his eyes dull and blank, he died!

Xu Cheng directly picked up Ye Lintian’s dead body with one hand and tossed it to the Ye Family chief’s side.

When Ye Lintian’s body landed right before his eyes, the old man’s eyelids beated fiercely. 

Xu Cheng walked forward as he looked at them and said, “You guys forced me to do this!”

At the same time, at the Ye Manor’s gate, the old man of the Ryong Family came over. Seeing Ryong Xiao’s head on the ground in the courtyard, his eyes were bloodshot as he gritted his teeth and said, “Xiao’er! Dad will go in right now and kill that [email protected] to avenge you!”

Then, he ran into the Ye Manor!

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