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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 351.1

Chapter 351: Death (Part One)

At this moment, the old man of the Ye Family looked very pitiful. His hair was all messy and he was covered in dirt from lying on the ground. His face was already old and wrinkly, and he looked even older after the fight. Not just him, everyone in the Ye Manor looked pretty embarrassed and pitiful in the eyes of this sudden trespasser. 

There was blood and dead bodies everywhere!

Xu Cheng stood at the center of everyone in the courtyard. A batch of guards stood around the chief, while the others surrounded Xu Cheng. But no one dared to move up.

“Originally, I didn’t plan to hurt you guys. I thought it was possible that the Ye Family couldn’t intervene in my dad’s death because of the Ryong Family. I thought that the Ye Family also did what it did involuntarily and didn’t have a better option, but now I know that you guys forced a loving couple to death just to save face! Today, you guys also fought me for your reputation, even wanting to kill me. When you guys see me, instead of being happy to find a relative, I remind you of the event back in the day that embarrassed the family name! Is this the level of family love and unity that a behemoth family had developed over thousands of years?”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled in disappointment. “I’m really lucky that I didn’t become a member of the Ye Family. If it isn’t because you guys are Ye Ruanshu’s blood, I would’ve set the place on fire and killed everyone already! I will send this bulls—t feudal system to hell!” 

After speaking, he stumbled as he walked over to Ye Ruanshu’s side and helped her up. Lan Ting also came to help Ye Ruanshu help as she broke into tears of happiness. “Madam, you can finally come out now!” 

But at this moment, Ye Ruanshu looked at Xu Cheng and bitterly smiled. “Cheng’er, Mom is sorry for everything that happened to you over the years, Mom…” 

“Alright, you can continue after we leave this place. I’m bringing you to my dad’s grave.” Xu Cheng couldn’t accept Ye Ruanshu right away. After all, it had been 20 years, and he obviously couldn’t take this all in right away.

Then, Xu Cheng led her and Lan Ting out of the courtyard. Ye Ruanshu kept on looking at Xu Cheng with a complicated expression. 

Just then, a voice floated over. “Brat, you can stay here, just like your father!”

They just saw a guy jumping off from the high wall of the courtyard, revealing himself to be the old man of the Ryong Family, the former chief of the family. At that instant, Xu Cheng already lowered his guard nor did he have any energy to keep his nerves all tensed up. He didn’t expect.a sneak attack from a master.

Seeing the old man of the Ryong Family’s blade stabbing towards Xu Cheng’s neck, Ye Ruanshu immediately pushed Xu Cheng out of the way from behind.

“Cheng’er, careful!” 

Xu Cheng just felt a gust of wind from behind, and when he turned around, he only saw his mother already shielding him. That blade had penetrated her body. Ye Ruanshu coughed up a mouthful of blood, her face pale as she slowly fell to the ground. 

Xu Cheng’s eyes widened as he felt the world stopped at that instant. He immediately caught his mother before she fell.

“Madam!” Lan Ting’s eyes widened as she shouted in panic. 

Seeing that he didn’t kill Xu Cheng because the blade was blocked by Ye Ruanshu, the old man of the Ryong Family said in a deep voice with a grim look, “Go and accompany my son!”

Veins popped up on Xu Cheng’s face as his whole body began to tremble.

At last, with a long roar… 


Tears began streaming down his face as he landed a heavy kick right on the old man of the Ryong Family, sending him flying! 


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