Chapter 352: Brutal (Part One)

The old man of the Ryong Family slowly got up and meditated a bit in place to relieve the shocking power from Xu Cheng’s kick.

Seeing Xu Cheng slowly walking towards him, he had no expression on his face and his eyes looked as if he lost hope. He shouted at the people of the Ye Family, “If you guys don’t kill him, are you just going to watch two families be ruined at once?”

On the side, the Ye Family hesitated.

The old man of the Ryong Family anxiously shouted, “Ye Dahai (TL note: Chief of the Ye Family)! If this guy is not eliminated, he will become the next Zhang Chenfeng!  What are you waiting for?! Think about the people of your clan that had already died!”

The old man of the Ye Family was still hesitant as he looked at Xu Cheng.

“Have you forgot about the covenant of the clan?!” The old man of the Ryong Family stood up and shouted.

The deputy chief of the Ye Family directly charged over, wanting to take down Xu Cheng. He jumped over and grabbed towards Xu Cheng’s neck. 

Chilling light flashed past Xu Cheng’s eyes. Seeing someone fly over, he directly stabbed his blade forward.

The blade quickly went through the deputy chief’s chest and pulled out. Blood splattered over the ground, and he fell down, his eyes losing color.

Xu Cheng’s blade pointed back towards the ground, and blood dripped.

The old man of the Ryong Family shouted at the old man of the Ye Family, “He already lost his sanity! If he doesn’t die today, everyone else will!”

The chief of the Ye Family gritted his teeth and he immediately stood up and attacked together with the old man of the Ryong Family. 

At that moment, Xu Cheng indeed felt like he was possessed by a demon. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was covered in blood. Right now, all he could think about was to kill.

The old man of the Ye Family landed a palm strike on his chest, but the hard tortoise shell pattern rippled black waves to the side out from the location that was hit. The attack had no effect on him at all. Xu Cheng robotically glanced down at the old man of the Ye Family, and his cold and hoarse voice sounded like a demonic god talking down.

“Do you want to die?”

The old man of the Ye Family was shocked by that look. When he was about to take back his hand, he heard Xu Cheng continue, “Then I will fulfill your wish!”

Then, the blade in his hand moved fast like lightning!

With a miserable cry from the old man of the Ye Family, the arm that was reached out to hit Xu Cheng was cut as it flew into the sky. Xu Cheng expressionlessly held the blade up against the old man’s throat, and his eyes were already blood red to a scary degree!

With a “hiss”, the blade cut past the old man’s neck.

The old man of the Ye Family tightly held onto his own neck yet he couldn’t make a sound. His body shivered, and he couldn’t move at all as he just stood there. 

“Dad!” “Grandpa!”  The members of the Ye Family swarmed over.

Xu Cheng kicked the old man away, and when the people of the Ye Family caught his body, they noticed that he was already dead. 

The whole Ye Family, as if they went mad, swarmed in on Xu Cheng like a tide. 

“Since you all want to die, then just go and die! Everyone will die to accompany my mother! You guys gave life to her, but you also killed her! If that’s the case, then you guys can all die!” A chilling light flashed past Xu Cheng’s blade and he subconsciously awakened 50x his power as he waved the blade around. Wherever the blade traveled past, everything was cut like tofu!

Three of the second-generation Ye Family members’ feet and arms were directly chopped in mid air.




They grabbed onto their open wounds and cried out miserably.

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