Chapter 353: I have the Duty to Take Care of Her (Part One)


While Xu Cheng was torturing the old man of the Ryong Family, a third generation member of the Ye Family behind Xu Cheng took out a pistol, aimed at Xu Cheng’s head, and fired. But, he wasn’t very skilled and the bullet only landed on Xu Cheng’s back.

Xu Cheng’s movements stopped briefly. With a sigh, he turned his head around and saw that guy with the pistol slowly coming over, holding the gun against Xu Cheng’s forehead as he viciously said, “You mad man, how dare you oppose the Ye Family! I will let you know the consequences!”

Then, he pulled the trigger, but he shockingly found that Xu Cheng’s hand’s speed was incredibly fast as his finger immediately blocked the hole.

The bullet didn’t exit the gun at all, and before he could comprehend what happened, Xu Cheng’s hand already landed a slap on his face, sending him flying away as Xu Cheng grabbed the gun.

Turning around and looking at the old man of the Ryong Family that was suffering so much pain that he would rather die, Xu Cheng put the gun at the root area of the thigh and fired!


The old man’s body trembled and reacted but he was no longer able to utter a sound.

Xu Cheng fired another shot, and the old man’s body just trembled.

Xu Cheng finally five more shots at the old man’s ears and belly area, and the old man was already struggling faintly on the ground. 

Xu Cheng picked up his blade and bent down and said to him, “You want to just die like that? Not yet!”

Then, Xu Cheng directly sliced off the bridge of his nose! Then, he left cuts after cuts on the old man’s body.

At last, Xu Cheng fell down and sat on the ground, and he began to cry.

He realized that no matter how much he vented his anger, his mom was already gone. Xu Cheng sat there heartbroken and cried helplessly.

The members of the Dragon Division already went in and began to clean up.

Xu Cheng disregarded all of this. He just sat there on the ground with his head tucked into his legs. 

What was the purpose of everything now?

Even if he killed more people, he wouldn’t be able to bring his mom back to life.

Miserable cries began happening around, but at this moment, in Xu Cheng’s world, it was silent. Not long after, Bei Shan stood before him, bent down and patted him on the shoulder, and sighed. “May she rest in peace.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything. Who was screaming or crying around him didn’t matter to him anymore. He directly pushed Bei Shan aside and walked towards his mom’s body. Picking her up, he prepared to leave this land of sad memories.

At this moment, when the massacre was almost done, Lan Ting also had a blade against her neck and she subconsciously called Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng remembered her, so he said to Bei Shan, “Let her go. If there’s still someone else that my mom’s worried about, it would be her.”

Bei Shan nodded.

Xu Cheng walked out of the courtyard, and he left this place that he would never want to remember again. 

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