Chapter 354: I’m Here to Rely on You (Part One)

– The next day – 

After getting familiar with Lin Chuxue, Auntie Lan kept on asking about Xu Cheng’s days back in Britain, and Lin Chuxue also asked more about Ye Ruanshu. After a day of time, the two of them became so close that they would talk about anything.

Auntie Lan was a great person, and she knew a lot, especially when it came to running a household. She noticed a little problem. When teaching Lin Chuxue how to cook, she curiously asked her, “You haven’t been in bed with Cheng’er yet, right?”

Lin Chuxue turned her head to the side in embarrassment.

“How could that be the case? If a woman wants to keep her man around, she should be more proactive in this aspect,” said Auntie Lan.

Lin Chuxue’s expression became a bit unnatural. “I-I’m not experienced…”

Lan Ting froze for a moment. “Didn’t you say you are an actress? You are not experienced with this?”

Lin Chuxue quietly said, “I am, but I don’t shoot those scenes… In the past, I would either reject those scenes all together or just get a substitute. Besides, I don’t know how to talk to him about that, and he also didn’t seem to bring it up in the past, so here we are at where we are today.”

“How can that work?” Lan Ting’s eyes widened, “Someone must take the initiative! You two are both not young now, right? You don’t want your own child?”

Lin Chuxue snorted, “He’s a grown man and he’s not in a rush, why would I be? Could it be that us women have to take initiative when it comes to that? It’s a bit embarrassing…”

Lan Ting didn’t know what to say… She was quite anxious.

“Have any blind perverts from the entertainment circle harassed you?” Auntie Lan said, “If there are, just tell me. After all, I helped look after the Ye Family’s businesses over the years and know a lot of people. I even run a lot of the companies under Cheng’er’s mom’s name, and I also have quite a say in the entertainment circle. If anyone bullies you, just tell me.”

“Oh, that’s actually not necessary. Firstly, I wouldn’t cause any trouble, nor would I get close to any male celebrities. Secondly, with Xu Cheng’s temper, how could he stand still and do nothing when I get bullied?” Lin Chuxue stuck out her tongue and smiled. “Don’t worry, Auntie Lan. If you are worried for me, you can come with me when I go to work or something.”

Auntie Lan nodded. “That would be great, or I would be pretty bored if I just stay home all day. It’s hard for Cheng’er to find such a great wife, I have to help him look after you. There are just too many tempting things in the outside world, I’m afraid that you might run away,” Auntie Lan joked. 

Lin Chuxue covered her mouth and chuckled. “Don’t worry, my heart is already locked up with Xu Cheng’s. Even if I’m no longer here, my heart will always be with him.”

Xu Cheng went to the balcony and saw the suddenly-arrived Bei Shan. 

Bei Shan directly cut to the chase. “It looks like you won’t have time to rest.”

Xu Cheng was confused. “Why?”

Bei Shan: “The behemoth clans’ covenant. If one clan dies, the others will fight back with all of their might. The Murong and Li Families have already learned about the Ryong and Ye Families being wiped out, and they are already on alert. I don’t know what actions they will take, but they will definitely keep you occupied. This time, the Dragon Division’s operation was a big success because we didn’t leave behind any evidence that it was us from the beginning to the end. But, you are in a different situation. You are the one that started this, and those two families also don’t know if both families were wiped out by you single-handedly. They won’t believe that you could’ve done it by yourself without any backup, so they will try to probe you.”

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