Chapter 355: Playing Chess (Part One)

– Yanjing – 

Outside the courtyard of Zhang Chenfeng’s ancient-style house came several extended sedans.

Four guards came out and opened the car doors, and two elders with strong aura came down.

Those two elders were the highest in command of the Murong and Li families.

The guards directly pushed open the door, revealing Zhang Chenfeng standing by the door of a chamber inside, who looked at those two, pretending to be very surprised. “Yo, we have two rare visitors today. What brought you two here?”

The two elders stood by the door, glanced at Zhang Chenfeng, and lightly snorted.

“Come on in, don’t just stand there. We are all old AF, just come on in and have a seat.” Zhang Chenfeng laughed and invited those two into the living room to sit on a red wood couch. Outside the door stood a man in his thirties, and this man was the Ace of Spades.

He was responsible for making tea for them. 

Zhang Chenfeng had a smile on his face, but these two visitors didn’t seem like they were in the mood.

The Li Family’s elder, Li Yifeng, glanced at Zhang Chenfeng from the corner of his eyes and said in a strange tone, “Big Brother Zhang, you are even ten years older than us, why bother?”

Zhang Chenfeng laughed. “What do you mean?“

The elder of the Murong Family scoffed. “We are all old, but we aren’t dumb yet, so you should stop playing dumb. You probably already heard of what happened with the Ye and Ryong Families, right?”

Zhang Chenfeng nodded. “I’ve obviously heard of something of this magnitude. It’s indeed strange.”

The Murong Family’s elder: “Strange? It’s just unbelievable! We went and checked out the scene, and our scouts reported that during the incidents at the Ye and Ryong Families, there weren’t any large-scale firearm battles. Big Brother Zhang, what do you think of this?”

Zhang Chenfeng nonchalantly raised his cup and sipped on the tea as he acted as if he was a bit shocked. “Didn’t the rumors say it was revenge?”

“Revenge?” The old man of the Li Family snorted, and his face had ‘Do you think I’m dumb’ written all over it. He interrogated, “In this current world, who has the ability to get revenge by himself on two behemoth families? Big Brother Zhang, with your insight, who do you think is capable of such a thing?”

Zhang Chenfeng laughed and said, “What are you trying to say?”

The old man of the Murong Family directly sneered and said, “For someone with such capabilities, I’m afraid that there’s no one else in this country besides you, right?”

The Ace of Spades standing behind Zhang Chenfeng immediately became unhappy. “What do you guys mean by this?”

Zhang Chenfeng raised his hand and gestured for him to stand down. Then, he looked towards the two elders, smiled, and said, “So you guys think that I can really break into the Ryong Manor’s territory and raze it to the ground?”

“If Big Brother Ryong (TL Note: former clan chief, the old man that later went to Ye Family’s place) was there, Big Brother Zhang, you definitely wouldn’t be able to. However, if Big Brother Ryong wasn’t, I’m afraid that you are the only person in the country right now that would not mind resorting to using military forces to slaughter the Ryong Family.”

Zhang Chenfeng laughed. “Then, why didn’t I do it before, instead choosing a time like this? You guys can already see, I’m already too old and am about to go see Jesus. If I wanted to make a move right now, then aren’t I just torturing myself to die faster? Look at me, do I look like I’ve just been in a fierce battle?”

Those two old men actually just came to probe as well. They had no evidence, so they naturally couldn’t accuse him of anything and go on a rampage right away. So, to alleviate the tension in the air, they also picked up their cups and took a sip of the tea. The old man of the Li Family faintly smiled and said, “We didn’t say it was you. But, both you and I know, to find someone that wants to eliminate behemoth clans like the Ye and Ryong Families, besides you, we really couldn’t think of someone with a stronger motive.”

Zhang Chenfeng smiled. “Didn’t I already say? The Ye and Ryong Families were completely eliminated this time because someone sought revenge. It’s not like you guys aren’t familiar with that eloping incident about 20 years ago. Back then, this event took all the headlines, and the Ye and Ryong Family were both hot topics. However, what was completely unexpected was that the unfortunate lovers from back then had a son, and that son definitely wouldn’t let those that killed his father off the hook. I feel like his motive would be stronger than mine, isn’t that right?”

“But Xu Cheng doesn’t have the capabilities!” the old man of the Murong Family immediately refuted that possibility. “We investigated him too, and to be honest, he is strong, but he’s not powerful enough to get our attention! We’ve also heard how he was the champion of this year’s special forces competition. That can only prove that he’s strong, but he’s definitely not even close to Ryong Xiao’s level.”

The old man of the Li Family narrowed his eyes and stared right at Zhang Chenfeng. “I just want to know, were you behind this?”

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