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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 355.2

Chapter 355: Playing Chess (Part Two)

Zhang Chenfeng took another sip. “Nope. Although he’s a soldier, he had always chosen to stay in the 5th MR.”

“If that’s the case, then we can rest assured.” The old man of the Li Family faintly smiled and said, “Since there’s no one behind his back, things will be a lot easier. You also know our rules. Since he offended the behemoth clans, he won’t be living past tonight.”

Zhang Chenfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this.

The two old men had been staring at his face, wanting to discover some clues. But Zhang Chenfeng was indeed a good actor and he acted naturally. 

After finishing the tea, he put down the cup. “You guys aren’t scared that he might bite you guys too like a mad dog?”

The old man of the Li Family laughed. “If he’s just one person, then I’m not scared at all. I’m just worried that there’s someone behind him.”

Zhang Chenfeng laughed as well. “If he’s capable of wiping out both the Ye and Ryong Families, then he can also wipe out your family. If I were you, I would hide away while I still can, instead of trying to provoke him.”

The old man of the Murong Family faintly smiled. “Is it him that wants us to do this, or is it you, Big Brother Zhang? Or is it the power behind you?”

Zhang Chenfeng said, “In fact, I think you guys should already be content with what you have. After these years of reforms, you guys already made enough money. You should learn to be satisfied, since some things are just not meant to be yours.”


The old man of the Li Family slammed his fist down on the table. He looked at Zhang Chenfeng from the corner of his eyes and said, “Zhang Chenfeng, you still ended up saying your true thoughts! I think you are also too old and it’s best that you bury those thoughts. Otherwise, you might not live a peaceful retirement life.”

The Ace of Spades was prepared to move, and Zhang Chenfeng gestured for him to not come over. Then, he smiled at these two old men that he had known for most of his life. “Let me say it again, I wasn’t behind what happened to the Ye and Ryong Families.”

The two old men said in unison, “We don’t believe it.”

Zhang Chenfeng: “That’s fine, how about this? You two can stay here for tonight, and we can also play some chess while we are at it. Tomorrow morning, go and check to see if Xu Cheng’s dead. If he’s not capable enough, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to escape the assassins you sent after him tonight. But if he’s not dead, then my innocence is proven, alright?”

The old man of the Li Family: “If he dies, then we will set this place on fire too, and we will also bring your head to offer as sacrifice for the Ye and Ryong Families.”

Zhang Chenfeng suddenly withdrew his kind smile and said, “Sure.”

Then, he turned to the Ace of Spades and said, “Go and get me a Chess set. I haven’t played with someone for a long time, I hope my brain hasn’t grown rusty yet.”

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