Chapter 356: Both Internal and External Worries (Part One)

The Murong and Li Families just heard that the demise of both the Ye and Ryong Families was related to a love-kill case from the past, and that traced back to a guy called Xu Cheng. But, from their investigation, they noticed that Xu Cheng didn’t have the capability of doing it by himself. So, they didn’t worry about him at all, instead being more fearful of the possibility that Zhang Chenfeng could be in the shadows behind this whole incident. So, they came over and interrogated him.

As for Xu Cheng, the Murong Family and Li Family each sent three guest masters to assassinate Xu Cheng.

Of course, with just the Diamond team alone, they obviously couldn’t go up against 6 S-class masters. However, they were just responsible for protecting the two women inside the house, that was all. That was their plan, after all.

One killing machine was enough for this, and they just needed to do some secret bodyguard work.

Bei Shan handed an earpiece to Xu Cheng, and after Xu Cheng placed it into his ear, the two of them began smoking in the corridor.

At this moment, the members downstairs, pretending to be residents but were actually on the lookout, delivered a message. “According to the intel we gathered from the frontline around this assassination, the targets have appeared. There are two people in each of the two stairways, and one in each elevator. They are all in their 50s, a total of 6 people. We are unable to assess their strength!”

Bei Shan: “Got it.”

Xu Cheng asked curiously, “There’s still a frontline?”

Bei Shan mysteriously smiled. “When those six people left the Li and Murong Families, they were already being tracked by us.”

Xu Cheng nodded. After taking a sip, he said, “You guys want to stir some s–t up again?”

Bei Shan shook his head. “Nah, this time, it’s them. They are fighting back. They are quite smart. Knowing that rather than taking the fight, it’s better to bring the fight to us! The clan chiefs of those two families already went to the division master’s house and surrounded him. Tonight, our time is limited, and you are the key.”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “Why is it me again?”

Bei Shan bitterly laughed. “Do you know the true meaning behind your number 2? If not you, who else?”

Xu Cheng: “What do you mean?”

Bei Shan: “You can understand it as the 2 in 1, 2, 3, or you can see it as the 2 in the game Fight the Landlord. What do you think I mean?” (TL Note, it’s a Chinese card game and 2 is the biggest besides joker.)

Xu Cheng was a bit slow. “Isn’t that still the number 2?”

Bei Shan: “Yes, Number 2! The real Number 2! Who do you think is Number 1?”

“The Division Master?” Xu Cheng said as his pupils enlarged. Taking in a deep breath, he exclaimed, “This is such a facking trap, holy crap!”

“Don’t think whether it’s a trap or not. Just remember, all of this is for our country!” Bei Shan said in seriousness. 

Xu Cheng looked into the distance and slowly said, “But why? Why me?”

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