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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 356.2

Chapter 356: Both Internal and External Worries (Part Two)

Bei Shan faintly said, “From what the division master said, he wants you to be convincing to others! There are tons of masters in the Dragon Division system, and if there’s no leader, who do you think can govern them? It’s possible that many people may betray the group and become the second Little Joker! Let me tell you, Junior Brother, this period is the most difficult and painful period in the Dragon Division’s history, and there are both domestic conflicts and foreign threats. You said we don’t care about you, but one thing you have to know is that, during this period, our mission is that anyone can die, but you can’t! That’s why everyone will try their best and put their lives on the line to protect you. As long as you are alive, there’s hope for the Dragon Division! Just like back during that competition when you fought for your military region, your teammates will protect you. Oh wait, they didn’t. Never mind. Anyways, this time, originally when you went to the Ryong and Ye Family, we didn’t have to go. But, let me ask you, when you really made the decision to go, did the Dragon Division let you just go alone? I told you, the moment you activated this mission, there’s no way back. You must go until the end, until all four behemoth families are completely wiped out!” 

Bei Shan then pursed his lips and continued, “And that’s why for the past few years, we didn’t deliberately provoke any parties. That’s because, without taking care of the worries within our country, we will be in a pickle if we start to pick fights with other countries’ spies. But after the Dragon Division takes care of the behemoth families, that’s when we will show our fangs and confront our foreign enemies!”

Xu Cheng quietly listened. Putting out the cigarette butt, Xu Cheng saw the elevator coming up slowly and said, “Don’t talk anymore, let’s get to work.”

He stood against the wall between the two elevators, and Bei Shan stood in front of the two elevators. The moment the door opened, Bei Shan smiled at the two guest masters inside the elevators. 

Those two directly charged out of the elevators, yet just as they stepped out, Xu Cheng suddenly grabbed the two of them into head locks. Under his armpits, those two guest masters couldn’t breath at all, and they struggled hard and kicked around, breaking the wall and ground below their feet. However, no matter how much they struggled, they couldn’t break free from Xu Cheng’s domineering power.

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth as he slowly wore down their strength. At the instant they took a break from struggling and relaxed their muscles, Xu Cheng suddenly applied explosive strength and cracked!


Their necks were directly broken! 

Those two guest masters fell to the ground, foaming from their mouth. Bei Shan curiously asked, “Holy crap, you stank them to death with your armpits?” 

“You facking dumbazz, they foam if they die from no oxygen too!” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at him.

Then, he said to Bei Shan, “Clean this up.”

Bei Shan glared at him. “Why should I?”

Xu Cheng: “Number 2 commands you to clean this up.”

Bei Shan: “Go fack yourself.”

Then, he dragged the two corpses and left. Only Xu Cheng lived on the highest floor, so normally, no one would come up. Thus, just throwing those two at any corner would be fine since no one would see it.

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