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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 356.3

Chapter 356: Both Internal and External Worries (Part Three)

Xu Cheng turned around and knocked on the door. Auntie Lan opened it, and Xu Cheng smiled at her and said, “Take Chuxue down in the elevator and take a walk.”

Auntie Lan nodded and didn’t ask any questions. After all, she was still a servant in her bones, and right now, Xu Cheng made the calls in the house and she would only follow.

Lin Chuxue didn’t realize what was happening, but since Auntie Lan already prepared the coat and sunglasses for her, she followed Auntie Lan out and was told that they would go to the grocery store and do some shopping.

Bei Shan said to the mic of his earpiece, “Guard the elevators, protect the packages.”

Below, the Dragon Blades of the Diamond group directly went closer to guard the elevator doors, not letting anyone suspicious come close. Lin Chuxue and Auntie Lan didn’t even notice that there were people protecting them from the dark when they came out of the elevator.

After sending those two off safely, Xu Cheng finally felt freed from any shackles or vulnerabilities. 

“Senior Brother, can you stall the two that are coming up from the left-side stairway? I will take care of the right-side ones first.”

Bei Shan bitterly laughed. “How long do you need? Don’t take too long… I won’t be able to hold on for too long with 2 S-tiers chasing after me.”

“Don’t worry, I will be quick.” Then, Xu Cheng dragged a dead body with him and went over to the right-side stairway. 

Bei Shan went to the left-side to do some fishing. 

When those two guest masters climbed to the highest floor, they just saw a comrade of theirs lying there. A couple of lightbulbs were broken by Xu Cheng so it was quite dark. They didn’t notice that Xu Cheng had already fixed himself on the ceiling like a gecko. At the same time, his water bear genes allowed him to reduce the intensity of his breathing to a dormant level so ordinary masters wouldn’t be able to detect his presence.

Those two guest masters hurried over and squatted down to check the pulse of their comrade. They placed two fingers on his throat, noticing that there was no more breathing.

“He’s dead!” one of the guest masters exclaimed.

“You too!” At that moment, Xu Cheng suddenly descended from the ceiling and struck both of them on the back of their heads with his hand blade. (TL Note: hand blade is basically straightening the hand so it’s like a blade, but a pretty dull one) 

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  1. deemon900

    Just thought that for wanting his legacy to continue the old man sure didn’t teach a lot to the mc and that the forces behind him was probably a foreshadow for stronger opponents for the mc.

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