Chapter 357: Spit Out What You Ate! (Part One)

Those two guest masters reacted very quickly and rolled to the sides to dodge Xu Cheng’s attack. Maybe Xu Cheng shouldn’t have said anything.

But it was also because the ceiling was too high so Xu Cheng took a while to fall onto them, and that gave time for these two S-tier masters to dodge.

They stood together, looked at Xu Cheng, and asked, “You killed this man?”

“Looks like you guys didn’t gather enough intel.” Xu Cheng cracked his knuckles and slowly walked over the dead guy. Suddenly, he charged over.

Seeing how fast he was, the two guest masters were both shocked and didn’t dare to underestimate him.

With a punch hurled over, one of them tentatively tried to grab the fist. But who knew, at the instant his palm touched Xu Cheng’s fist, he would feel an unstoppable and incomparable force eroding his palm?


That palm that was used to catch Xu Cheng’s fist directly broke from the wrist. 

Then, Xu Cheng’s fist rode the momentum and smacked into the target’s chest.

With a loud bam, the guest directly flew into a wall before coughing up blood and falling onto the ground. 

At that moment, from the bottom of the same stairway ran up two more guest masters.

Xu Cheng was speechless upon seeing this and he shouted, “Bei Shan, you piece of sh—-t!”

From below the stairway came Bei Shan’s bitter voice, “They are too strong, I couldn’t hold on at all! I can easily take care of one, but these two are both S-tier and have great synergy! I give up!”

“F–k you!” Xu Cheng was speechless. He looked at the three guest masters in front of him. They were all S-tier masters, and although he was SS+, he couldn’t fight freely in such a confined space. After all, he was scared that he would damage his own house.

The two guest masters came up and saw one of their peers coughing up blood, having lost the ability to fight, and another one just straight-up dead. 

“Careful, this guy’s strength is unfathomable!” the guest master that witnessed the power of Xu Cheng’s punch vigilantly said to the two guest masters that just came up.

“Could it be that the Ye and Ryong Families were really wiped out by him alone?”

“We must pass this message back.”

Although they were whispering into their earpieces, they obviously couldn’t escape from Xu Cheng’s hearing. He sneered, “I’m afraid that you guys won’t be making it back!”

Then, he swept forward with a roundhouse kick, and the three of them immediately moved into different directions to dodge. After scattering those three, Xu Cheng capitalized on his speed to strike the one closest to him. That guest master was able to block five of his moves, but when Xu Cheng used the 6th move of the Shadow Fist Technique, his punch directly smashed into that guy’s face, and many teeth flew out from the guest master’s mouth.

At that moment from behind, another guest master sneaked an attack at Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng turned to the side, and without even looking, he side-kicked the ambusher while he was still in mid-air, sending him flying into the wall and breaking a picture that was hanging there.

The third guest master immediately took out a steel wire and wrapped Xu Cheng’s neck from behind, dragging him back a few steps.

Xu Cheng pressed his feet hard into the ground so he didn’t get tripped over. Behind him, the guest master was fiercely trying to pull the steel wire, and with his back against him, Xu Cheng just gave him the time to do his thing. He didn’t back up more nor fall down. The guest master’s steel wire rubbed against Xu Cheng’s neck, wanting to strangle him to death. But, the tortoise patterns on his neck faintly displayed themselves, and that steel wire just couldn’t break the skin of his neck. 

Suddenly, Xu Cheng roared, and his neck trembled!

The steel wire directly broke, and that guest master, who was pulling with all of his strength before the wire suddenly broke, immediately fell to the ground. Xu Cheng directly turned around and shoved a foot up his a$$, and that guy got sent into the wall. 

All three of them were injured and were not fit to fight anymore, and that was when Bei Shan decided to jump in to help and steal the kills. His chains came out from his sleeves as they strangled the neck of the person closest to him. With a slight pull, the spikes on the chains broke the skin and the poison seeped in.

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