Chapter 357: Spit Out What You Ate! (Part Two)

The other two guest masters relied on their tenacious endurance and got up, trying to fight Xu Cheng together, and Xu Cheng directly grabbed onto the ankles of both that were trying to kick him, and twisted. 


Those two guest masters’ feet were directly broken, and from the dark stairway corridor broke out miserable cries. 

Xu Cheng then kicked both of them from below the chin, and that brutal force was almost enough to send their heads flying off. With a “beng” sound, both guys’ necks broke, and their bodies trembled as they fell to the ground. Their whole head was dislocated, and although they had powerful bodies, their hearts and the rest of their bodies were still desperately hanging on, but death was just a matter of time. 

After wrapping things up here, Xu Cheng turned around and looked at Bei Shan trying to strangle a guest master, and he seemed to be having a difficult time before finally ending that guy’s life. Xu Cheng snorted, “What an embarrassment to the Sky King title holders of the Dragon Division.”

Bei Shan directly snorted back. “You think everyone’s like you? These are all S-tier masters, their power is comparable to mine.”

Xu Cheng: “Let’s go, hurry and clean this place up and we will get going.”

Bei Shan nodded and said to the earpiece, “Send two guys up to clean up the dead bodies. Fast. Other people, prepare the vehicles and helicopter, we will proceed with our plan.”

After the elevator opened, Xu Cheng saw the 8 and 3 of Diamonds come out. The 8 of Diamonds gave Xu Cheng a big thumb up. “Too pro!”

Bei Shan just ignored him and brought Xu Cheng directly into the elevator and went down.

The 3 of Diamonds curiously asked the 8 of Diamonds, “Senior Brother, is that our junior brother?”

The 8 of Diamonds nodded. “Yeah, but from now on, he won’t be anymore.”

The 3 of Diamonds curiously asked again, “He’s really very strong?”

“Of course,” the 8 of Diamonds replied, “Tsk tsk, you didn’t see how he was going crazy at the Ye and Ryong Families. I heard from other senior brothers that, at that time, not even the Division Master dared to stop him. That homie killed dudes like he was mowing grass.”

– Yanjing – 

At Zhang Chenfeng’s manor, he was playing Chinese chess and the old man of the Li Family on the other side said, “Since the Ye and Ryong Families are no longer here, what is the government planning to do with their assets?”

Zhang Chenfeng moved his pawn forward and said, “Of course, it will go back to the government.”

The old man of the Murong Family nervously said, “This belongs to the behemoth clans.”

“Aren’t the behemoth clans a part of Huaxia?” Zhang Chenfeng frowned and looked towards him. “On this land, everything belongs to the government, and the behemoth clans are no exception.”

The two old men snorted. 

The old man of the Li Family moved his bishop and took out Zhang Chenfeng’s pawn that crossed the Chu River. (TL Note: on the Chinese chess board, there’s a Chu River in the middle of the board) He raised his voice and said, “Isn’t this pawn that crossed the river courting death? For some things, I don’t think your hands should reach that long and cross the river.”

Zhang Chenfeng directly moved his cannon and took out the bishop. He smiled and said, “We all belong to one country, why do you insist on drawing a driver? Is the government just going to let you do whatever you want?”

The old man of the Li Family moved his knight to defend and said, “The assets of the behemoth clans should be returned, and the river won’t run red.”

Zhang Chenfeng’s rook directly flew over the river and he said, “My rook is already here, and you guys want to say that? Isn’t that too late? If you guys were to continue to live in seclusion like before and not get involved, there wouldn’t be as much trouble as today. You can only blame yourselves for taking too big of a step. Now that you tear your nuts, you will naturally feel some pain.” 

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