Chapter 358: Going All In (Part One)

On the other side, Xu Cheng and Bei Shan directly got onto the helicopter. 

Xu Cheng curiously asked Bei Shan, “Where to?”

Bei Shan said, “The Murong Family!”

Then, he took out a tight-fitting battle suit and passed it to Xu Cheng. “Put this on, everyone in the Dragon Division will assist you in the operation tonight.”

Xu Cheng looked at the Dragon Division’s uniform, with the dragon-pattern embroidery, and there was a big diamond suit symbol on the back in the center. In the center of that was a big number 2. 

Xu Cheng was a bit excited as he put it on, feeling that it was a great fit.

The helicopter directly took off and flew into the night.

The Murong Family was located quite close to Shangcheng, and members of the other three groups were already waiting there.

When Xu Cheng’s helicopter landed, the Sky Kings, Earth Kings, and the number cards had already gathered on the pad. 

Bei Shan immediately took out a topographic map of the Murong Manor and said, “The Murong Family has a lot of modern technology, and they can detect any one that comes within a 2 kilometer radius. Their manor is located in the center with mountains to all sides, so besides an airdrop, there’s no way we can get into the Murong Manor.”

Xu Cheng frowned and said, “But for airdrop, with the wind speed right now, we can’t guarantee that our brothers will land close together. If they get cornered and focused down one by one, it will be very dangerous. It’s basically sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth.”

The Ace of Hearts and Clovers nodded. “But there’s no other way.”

“How about this, I will be the decoy,” Xu Cheng suddenly said. “I will take them head on, and attract more people and masters to come out. Then, you guys can airdrop, and make your way out from the inside!”

The three Sky Kings immediately rejected the idea. “No! It will be hard to ensure your safety that way. Now, we still don’t know how many S-tier masters there are. If there are too many, you won’t be able to run away at all. You have to know that tonight’s plan has to be centered around you.”

“We have to take high risk if we want high reward!” Xu Cheng looked at everyone and said, “We can wait, but the Division Master can’t!”

He then looked at the three Sky Kings and asked, “You are sure tonight’s plan will be centered around me, right?”

The three of them nodded, and all of the other Earth King-class Dragon Blades also nodded. “Nothing can happen to you!”

“Nothing will happen to me,” Xu Cheng said. “Since we only have this plan that can reduce the risk, then listen to me. I will engage them head on, and then I will analyze the situation and give you guys signals on how to move. Since tonight’s plan is centered around me, then listen to me. This is an order!”

The others all frowned.

Bei Shan couldn’t help it. “Fine, but be careful. If there are too many masters, immediately signal us and we will provide air support.”

Xu Cheng nodded, and they all got into trucks and drove towards the forest that the Murong Family was in.

The other two Sky Kings frowned and looked towards Bei Shan. “How can you agree to such a plan?”

“Don’t you guys think his temper’s very much like the Division Master’s?” Bei Shan bitterly smiled. “If you guys get to know him, it won’t be hard to notice that this little brother of ours always likes to take an extreme route and put himself in the most dangerous position. This might be the difference between this monster and us ordinary people.”

A truck took Xu Cheng to just 2 kilometers outside of the Murong Manor before coming to a stop. The 3 of Spades said to him, “Any further in and we will get spotted. Junior Brother, be careful, and don’t push yourself too hard. If it’s not working, just get the fack out. This forest is very dense, and it’s night right now so it’s good for running away.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

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