Chapter 358: Going All In (Part Two)

“Oh right.” Then, the 3 of Spades gave Xu Cheng a bag.

After opening it, he curiously found himself a pair of brawler’s gloves. 

The 3 of Spades smiled and said, “The higher ups heard that you like to wear these, and since your last pair broke, the research center tailor-made this pair for you. The craftsmanship and materials are definitely better than the one you used before. Also, it has a little built-in device that can unsheath a dagger for easy assassinations!”

After putting on the gloves, Xu Cheng felt quite good. They were covered with a layer of aluminum alloy material that could help block swords, blades, and bullets, and there was also a device at the wrist area. When Xu Cheng pressed his thumb against his index finger, a 30-centimeter-long blade would poke out from the back of his hand. Holy crap, the blade was made with titanium, and over all, this pair of gloves would be at least worth tens of millions.

Xu Cheng was quite delighted. It was just right for someone that used the Shadow Fist Technique. And with the blade accompanied by his strength, he could cut iron like mud!

“Thanks!” Then, Xu Cheng turned around and disappeared into the forest, moving towards the Murong Family.

Xu Cheng’s coordinates had been flashing in Bei Shan’s device, and they were at the top of a mountain with all the helicopters on standby, all waiting for Xu Cheng’s signal. 

Some were looking with telescopes, but the forest is too dense and they couldn’t see anything, so they could only wait anxiously. 

“Don’t know how it’s going on Division Master’s side. Tonight, if it doesn’t work out, it will be difficult to keep those two old men there.”

“I’m more worried about those two old men giving our Division Master a hard time. His health isn’t as good as before.”

“Yeah, so we don’t have much time left. Right now if we don’t ride the momentum and take care of the other two behemoth families, the moment the Division Master leaves, it will probably be even tougher. By then, the existence of the Dragon Division will be even more awkward.”

Bei Shan clenched his fist tightly and prayed that everything tonight would go smoothly. If this raid failed, the Dragon Division would probably cease to exist.

It will be forced to sacrifice itself for the stability of this country. 

Why didn’t the Dragon Division belong to any system? The biggest reason was here!

The organization was more like a group of hot-blooded individuals that came together for the sake of the country, and one of its founding missions was to completely destroy the era of behemoth families. The moment the organization gets exposed as it fails to eliminate the behemoth families, the Dragon Division will have to take the blame itself and end its own life!

It was because no system or party will take responsibility for this failed result. Including Zhang Chenfeng, all 53 cards will be killed with no corpse remaining!

However, Bei Shan didn’t say these things to Xu Cheng, and it might be for the best. It was because, right now, Xu Cheng was not on the Dragon Division’s personnel list yet. If all failed, he wouldn’t be dragged into this.

Tonight, it was a desperate bet of going all in by the Division Master. Zhang Chenfeng was running out of time, and without him, it would be even more difficult to deal with the behemoth clans that knew what they were trying to do and were trying to wipe them out too. So, this was the final fight for the entire Dragon Division! Xu Cheng was just a fuse, but indeed, the Dragon Division needed this fuse to continue burning.

When Xu Cheng stepped into the Murong Family’s territory, the electronic defense system already detected him.

When he walked to the blue stone slab road in front of the Murong Manor’s gate, there were already 20 gunmen at the gate aiming their rifles at him.

“Who are you?! You are trespassing in a forbidden area, please return!”

Xu Cheng was a bit tired after walking so far. He let out a big breath and said, “I’m here in the middle of the night, I’m obviously an uninvited guest. Aren’t you making an absurd request? Can I go in and get a glass of water first?”

A middle-aged man that seemed to be the captain immediately gestured for those two gunmen to open fire.

Bang bang bang bang…

With the burst of gunfire in the mountains, the Dragon Blades’ eyelids all jumped uneasily.

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