Chapter 359: Your Eating Manner’s So Ugly (Part One)

“Senior Brother, how is he?” At this time, someone asked the Ace of Hearts.

The Ace of Hearts looked at the display and said, “Still alive. Judging from his heartbeat and movement speed, he has already engaged the enemy. His heartbeat is accelerating, but it’s within a normal range.”

Standing by the main door of the Murong Family, Xu Cheng’s clothes were all full of holes from the bullets. His heart ached, and he directly tore the clothes off of his body. “I just facking got my uniform. It’s not even warm from my body heat yet and it’s already ruined.”

Everyone else was dumbfounded, because they already emptied the clips in their rifles, yet Xu Cheng was just standing there as if nothing happened and was even chit-chatting with them.

Xu Cheng thought, since they already destroyed his clothes, then he might as well not wear anything. 

So, he entered the super pervert mode again. That’s right, it’s to strip naked and go invisible. 

Sigh. There were still quite a lot of conditions for him to successfully go invisible. For instance, he wouldn’t be able to make his clothes go invisible with him, so he would still be a moving target since his clothes would still be visible.

Also, since last time, Xu Cheng noticed that the moment he was wounded and bled, his stealth would also be interrupted. Also, he tested it, and under harsh climates, he wouldn’t be able to hide his tracks very well. All of these things Xu Cheng could understand, but what was a pain in the azz was that the moment he exited stealth mode, he would be butt-naked. Just think about it, going invisible to kill someone, slaughtering anyone in his way, yet if he wasn’t careful enough and gets wounded, a grown-azz man will just appear out of thin air, butt-naked. His glorious and well-respected name and reputation would be destroyed at that very instant!

When Xu Cheng only had a pair of boxers left on his body, he sighed, “You guys forced me to do this.”

Then, he ripped his boxers off, and just like magic, he vanished. 

In fact, Xu Cheng also thought about how if things didn’t work out, he could also go and be a magician. He could make himself completely invisible, and that would be enough to wow the audience.

Now, not to mention an audience, even those guards were shocked.

They were all dumbfounded, thinking that they might’ve seen a ghost or something. They looked everywhere for Xu Cheng’s shadow, yet at that moment, they noticed a pair of brawler’s gloves were floating in the air and suddenly flew at them. Below the gloves extended two sharp daggers, and the first 10 guards in the front row immediately got their throats slitted, blood splattering everywhere as their body fell to the ground. Then, the row behind them also couldn’t escape death. It was only a split second before they saw the dazzling daggers appear when they felt something wet around their necks.

That middle-aged man wanted to turn around and run, but he felt as if he was pulled back by something before having a dagger shoved up his throat. Then, Xu Cheng stripped him clean and put on his clothes. He obviously had to pay attention to his image as well, it wouldn’t be cool to be caught running around buttnaked. 

After he put on some clothes, the gate opened and suddenly a flood of soldiers and masters came out.

Five guest masters walked out, and 30 or so soldiers immediately surrounded Xu Cheng from all sides.

The five guest masters saw the soldiers and team captain that were dead on the ground. They then looked up and asked Xu Cheng, “Who are you? Why did you kill these people? Do you know what place this is?”

“Jesus Christ, you guys are so shameless… You guys sent people to kill me but you won’t allow me to come to your house to settle the accounts? Originally, I didn’t even know about your Murong Family, but congratulations, you successfully got my attention. So, here I am.”

“You are Xu Cheng?” They all knew who they were killing tonight, and it was Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled and asked, “I killed the Ye and Ryong Families, what does it have to do with your Murong Family? Why try to kill me?”

The five guest masters sneered. “Since you are already here, there’s no need for chitchat. Go to hell!”

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