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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 360.3

Chapter 360: Let’s Just Die Together! (Part Three)

“Don’t let him leave!”

The steward of the house shouted. 

Ten masters surrounded Xu Cheng from all sides, each of them brandishing blades and electric batons. 

Just then, from the inner regions of the manor came waves of miserable cries. 

The faces of the steward and the core members of the Murong Family all changed. “Fack, not good!”

They wanted to turn around and go back, but how would Xu Cheng give them such a chance. He sneered. “You guys still want to leave?”

He grabbed onto two guest masters by the shoulders, forcefully getting them to stay after breaking their collarbones. Then, using them as a springboard, he flipped forward in the air and landed right before the steward and the other masters, blocking their path. 

“I even don’t mind you guys ganging up on me, and you still want to leave?”

As he said that, he threw three lightning-fast kicks right at the steward, all within one second.

With the steward’s power and speed, he was only able to block two of the kicks. When the third one landed, he flew back a dozen meters and crashed into the ground. 

The masters all heard waves after waves of miserable cries, and their faces changed greatly. Two of the guest masters immediately went to face Xu Cheng as they shouted to the people behind them, “You guys hurry up and go, save the clan!”

Xu Cheng moved like a ghost, fast and unpredictable as he arrived before those two within an instant. Before they could react, the two daggers were already in their chests. 

The other eight masters hurriedly ran past Xu Cheng, and he immediately turned around and chased after them. 

On the inside, the other members of the Dragon Division rushed into all the hiding rooms and killed off everyone as they cross-checked mentally with the family member list they memorized prior to the mission. Then, Bei Shan shouted at the Earth King and Sky King level Dragon Blades, “Go out and help Xu Cheng!”

They nodded and immediately left the backyard and moved towards the gate to converge with Xu Cheng.

Those masters that were running back ran straight into them, and now, they were completely surrounded.

Seeing that they were surrounded, those masters’ faces sunk as they said in a hoarse voice, “You guys! You guys are Zhang Chenfeng’s people! Aren’t you afraid of the clan’s force rebounding?”
The Ace of Hearts said, “And that’s why none of you can survive! Without the financial backing of you behemoth families, will those in power that you bribed jump out and avenge you? Your era’s over.”

“Over? In your dreams!” The steward of the Murong Family suddenly took out a remote control from his sleeves, and a sinister smile appeared on his face. “I’ve heard that Zhang Chenfeng has raised a group of well-trained daredevils! It looks like the entire Dragon Division’s here now, right? Then don’t leave anymore. The moment I press this button, the underground bombs that the Murong Family had prepared a long time ago will raze this place to the ground! Let’s all die together then.” 

The other guest masters all nodded and said, “Either we all die together, or we let each other go!” 


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