Chapter 361: Can’t You Let Me Just Take a Nap? (Part One)

Xu Cheng saw the Murong Family still had about 20 or so family members remaining. They were all scared of the assassins in the back and came out to meet up with the steward and the masters under the guard’s escort. Now, the entire Murong Family had 40 or so people up against the Dragon Division.

He walked into the gate as well and said loudly, “Then press the button, let’s all die together! The Dragon Division isn’t afraid. We are sacrificing ourselves for our country, there’s nothing for us to be afraid of. However, you should ask your own clan members to see if they are willing to die with us or not.”

Those clan members all panicked as they looked towards the steward. Seeing the remote control in his hand, they all held each other and shivered. 

Some people even began yelling at Xu Cheng, “You bandits! Do you know what this place is? You guys will die horrible deaths!”

The steward obviously wouldn’t detonate the bomb and kill everyone here. After all, to them, their lives were a lot more precious than those of the Dragon Division. The Dragon Blades were more like death squad members trained by the country, but the Murong Family was different. They were the super-wealthy clan that regarded themselves as above the masses.

“You think I wouldn’t dare?” He threatened Xu Cheng, looking as if he was going to press that button.

“Then go ahead and press it!” Xu Cheng pointed at him and said, “Let’s die together then! Our lives belong to the country, I don’t mind sacrificing myself for a good value. We are fine with it, it’s good to see you Murong Family people disappearing from this world.”

At this moment, the other young members of the clan shouted and tried to threaten Xu Cheng, “Our clan chief will skin you guys alive! As long as he’s not dead, the Murong Family will live forever!”

At this moment, a gray-faced guard ran over and whispered in the supervisor’s ear, “The plane is ready, we can take off at any moment.”
Although the others didn’t hear it, Xu Cheng picked it up.

These people indeed weren’t prepared to die with them. They were just threatening them to buy time.

The steward said to the guard, “Bring them up first, we will save whoever we can. As long as we have people that can leave this place alive, with the wealth we have around the country, we can rise again!”

The guard nodded and was ready to take those people out from the back. Xu Cheng directly picked up a small rock and threw it at that guard, directly piercing that guard’s head and taking his life!

There was an uproar among the Murong Family at the scene!

The steward with the remote anxiously said, “You really don’t want anyone to leave this place alive?” As he said that, he got ready to press the button. When he was about to press it, Xu Cheng, seeing the steward’s finger going down in slow motion, suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

That steward already pressed down on the button, but he didn’t lift up his finger yet so the bombs didn’t detonate.

Xu Cheng looked around at the 5 or 6 people of the Dragon Division that were injured. When the Dragon Division descended and engaged in a fight with the guards, a few of the lower-card-value members were injured.

“Get the injured out of this place first,” he said to the few Dragon Division members that were injured. 

Those people refused to leave, as they were still in a deadlock with the guards of the Murong Family.

Xu Cheng shouted at them, “Go!” 

Those Sky Kings gestured at those injured members and said, “Get out first.”

Xu Cheng then said to them, “You guys go as well!”

Bei Shan stared right back him. “What are you doing? We can’t let anyone of them escape!”

“I know.” Xu Cheng walked over and whispered to him, “But if we all die here, the Li Family won’t be wiped out, and the mission will still fail!”

Bei Shan: “At least there will only be the Li Family left. We already tried our best.”

“Senior Brother, just listen to me, okay? You said that everyone will listen to me for this whole operation!” 

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