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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 361.2

Chapter 361: Can’t You Let Me Just Take a Nap? (Part Two)

Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng, then at those Murong Family members, and after some hesitation, he gritted his teeth and waved, slowly withdrawing the Dragon Division.

Seeing that those people all backed out, the steward was secretly very happy.

The people of the Dragon Division slowly backed out of the manor, and that steward laughed and said, “Now isn’t that better? Let’s all be a bit more rational here.”

Xu Cheng sneered. Seeing that the Dragon Division members all backed out of the manor, he checked the bombs that were planted below the manor with his penetrating vision again. That explosion power was not to be underestimated. He said to Bei Shan and the others, “Back up a bit more.”

That steward of the Murong Family laughed. “Yeah, back up more, or else if I let go of the button, everyone will die!”

Bei Shan and the others weren’t happy. They weren’t afraid to die, they just didn’t know why Xu Cheng would compromise and let them all back out.

After the Dragon Division members backed up further, Xu Cheng saw the Murong Family’s steward was also getting his family members to evacuate. There was an airplane at the waist of the mountain ready to go.

But at that moment, Xu Cheng smiled. “Did I say you guys can leave?”
Then, he charged forward and stabbed his dagger towards the steward. That guy’s eyes were wide open in disbelief as he couldn’t believe Xu Cheng would dare to commit suicide to bring them down.”

With the remote control falling to the ground, the faces of those Murong Family members, who didn’t even begin to evacuate yet, all changed.

Outside of the manor, those Dragon Division members saw Xu Cheng’s sudden move and their faces all changed as well.

They just realized that Xu Cheng was trying to save them but he had already decided to stay behind to die together with those people. They immediately wanted to run in to grab Xu Cheng as well, but it was all too late.

With a loud boom, a huge explosion blasted from the ground into the sky, and the strong air flow from the explosion blew all the Dragon Division members far away. 

The flying gravel, dust, and sand were very painful when they hit their body, but they didn’t feel it as they all watched as Xu Cheng got buried by the explosion with the other Murong Family members at the central area.

“Xu Cheng!” When the entire scene became one big ruin, Bei Shan crawled back up and ran towards that direction.

The other Dragon Division members all climbed up and ran over, and besides several strong buildings that were still standing, the rest were all destroyed. The explosion even killed the electricity in the area, and it was very hard to look for people in the places in the ruins without starlight. 

Everyone began to dig, looking for Xu Cheng. 

They dug out the dead bodies of the Murong Family, and at last, the three Sky Kings dug out Xu Cheng. Sensing Xu Cheng’s faint heartbeat, Bei Shan immediately began performing CPR on him. 

“Get the fack out for me! Are you just going to die? I’ve already gotten used to seeing you drip swag everywhere you go, and if you die, how am I going to adjust back to before?” 

At the instant of the explosion, Xu Cheng immediately grabbed the steward and another guard’s body to cover him up, and he entered a state of suspended animation. Utilizing the power of the water bear genes plus the tortoise genes that allowed his body to become nearly invincible, this explosion only caused some violent shaking of his body. At most, it was his internal organs that suffered some damage from the explosion. But, under Bei Shan’s stimulation of his heart, Xu Cheng suddenly sat up as he gasped for air. “I’m so facking tired already, can’t you just carry me back into the plane and let me take a break?”

The Dragon Blades: “…”

Bei Shan was startled too, and he immediately smiled. “Sure, I will carry you. Just take a break, our next stop is the Li Family’s house.”

Xu Cheng: “Now that’s about right. Let me sleep for a bit.”

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