Chapter 362: Ambushed (Part One)

– On the helicopter – 

Xu Cheng was lying in a chair. His stomach wasn’t feeling very well, and his ears were ringing. 

On the side, Bei Shan was massaging his hands and feet for him. Xu Cheng squinted his eyes and looked at those senior brothers of his. “Our brothers were all injured. If you guys don’t want to cooperate with me, then let’s just not go to the Li Family anymore.”

Bei Shan immediately nodded his head without hesitation. “Okay, we will listen to you. You are the big boss right now. Not even bombs can kill you, you are just too overpowered, you call the shots.”

Xu Cheng: “What plans do you guys have for the Li Family?”

The Ace of Hearts said worriedly, “I didn’t think that we would cause such a big commotion at the Murong Family. I think the Li Family probably already noticed it. I’m worried that if we go, we will be surrounded!”

Xu Cheng asked, “Do we have to fight tonight?”

The three Sky Kings nodded. “Even if we die, we have to give it our best shot. Tonight, either we die, or they die!”

Bei Shan sighed, “In fact, all of our identity data had been written off. In principle, we are already dead people.”

Xu Cheng suddenly seemed to have realized something.

“Are there still things that you are hiding from me?”

Bei Shan faintly said, “After the feudal dynasty era ended, there were reforms and developments that allowed those four families to become particularly wealthy. If we just let them gradually get stronger, it wouldn’t be different that letting them accumulate enough power and influence to effectively bring us back to the old dynasty days. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, someone must stand out. So, the Division Master did, and he secretly formed an independent organization, which upholds the mission of protecting the country and its principles. And what are the principles? It’s to not let the country get ruined by going back to the dynasty days and live the past all over again. And all of this has an obstacle, which is the behemoth families. Amongst them, these four are particularly threatening, and they have began to affect the country’s stability. That is also why the Dragon Division doesn’t take in members of the behemoth families or military families. We only take in grass-root talents that love this country. (TL Note: Grass-root are people with no backgrounds). With the Division Master getting older and older, we are also running out of time. Because you successfully took out the Ryong Family, this plan was officially activated, so now we will either succeed or die! Tonight, even if everyone dies, we still have to give this a shot.”

“The behemoth clans have deep foundations, wouldn’t those powerful figures who have good relationships with the clans cause trouble?” Xu Cheng asked curiously.

“That’s not within the scope of our responsibility. We are only responsible for the beheading operation.” Bei Shan said to Xu Cheng, “If this trip to the Li Family is successful, then the Dragon Division will be officially established as a system! Everyone’s position will be established, and our identities will be reinstated!”

Xu Cheng’s eyes brightened upon hearing this.

Just when they were about to arrive at the mountain area of the Li Family, a loud rumbling noise suddenly came.

A rocket directly destroyed one of the helicopters!

Bei Shan and the others were all shocked as they saw that a helicopter flying beside them had already exploded in mid air and the debris began falling down. Xu Cheng also immediately sat up.

“Airstrike! Jump!” The other senior brothers of the Dragon Division shouted.

There were 6 helicopters, and now that one exploded, the other members immediately prepared to jump.

Xu Cheng hurried over to the pilot and said, “Hurry and jump!”

The pilot glanced back at Xu Cheng and shook his head. “You jump first! I will fly deeper to attract their attention. Remember, we must succeed!”

Xu Cheng saw that he was also in the Dragon Division’s uniform, and on his back was written “Logistics”. 

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