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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 362.2

Chapter 362: Ambushed (Part Two)

Boom! The helicopter Xu Cheng was on got hit too, and Xu Cheng jumped last minute, thrown out into the air by the current. Bei Shan already activated his wings and grabbed Xu Cheng as he was falling. Seeing him in a daze, he shouted at him, “Everyone’s prepared to sacrifice themselves, tonight will be a brutal battle! Junior Brother, if the other brothers and I unfortunately die, can you set up a tombstone for us?”

When Xu Cheng finally came to his senses, he directly fell into the branches with Bei Shan since they were too heavy for one pair of wings.

The forest immediately lit up with rifle barrels spitting fire as the Li Family guards began gunning the members down. The Li Family was already very prepared. When some of the Dragon Division members just got to land, they were shot dead by heavy machine guns. There were gunshots everywhere, and having just landed, Xu Cheng and Bei Shan’s eyelids both jumped, sensing danger.

“We are exposed!” Bei Shan anxiously said.

“Yeah, we caused such a commotion at the Murong Family that it’s impossible for the Li Family to not be prepared!” Xu Cheng said to Bei Shang, “According to the map, the southeast direction is away from the Li Family’s territory. You go there and wait, I will go and save the other brothers! We will regroup and deploy our plan.”

Bei Shan nodded. “You be careful!”

Xu Cheng jumped into the night like an assassin.

After leaving Bei Shan’s sight, Xu Cheng took off his clothes and put on just his gloves. In the pitch black night, not many could see the blade clearly, and even when they did, they would already be dead!

Xu Cheng entered stealth mode and roamed the forest. 

Here, it seemed like there was no electricity besides inside the Li Manor. In the forest, other than the guards that were carrying torches can see, everywhere was pretty much pitch black.

His eyes with penetrating vision were fully open and he directly locked onto the locations of all the Dragon Division members, as well as where those guards where and what direction they were going after. Everything was in his vision. 

His eyes flickered like that of a cat in the black night, and his invisible limbs were moving like a jungle cat, allowing him to run freely on land, treetops, and branches.

The J of Hearts landed on a tree and couldn’t break himself free from the paraglider that had caught onto the branches. Seeing the guards with guns and torches coming closer towards him, he began to panic.

At that moment, those guards felt like someone was walking in the bushes and on the branches behind them, causing them to keep on looking back. They didn’t see a thing, but just as they turned back around, a pair of daggers floated past them and slit their throats. 

Xu Cheng said to the J of Hearts on the tree, “Go towards the southeast direction and meet up with Senior Brother Bei Shan!”

The J of Hearts didn’t see anyone, and although he heard the voice, he didn’t know where it was from. However, when he saw the four guards that were after him just falling to the ground dead, he was quite surprised. 

Before leaving, Xu Cheng didn’t forget to remind him, “Change your clothes, get into that guard’s uniform.”

The J of Hearts still didn’t see anyone and could only nod blankly. “Oh… Okay.” 

Xu Cheng already left and went after the next batch of guards.

He was a bit slow, or it could only be said that the next landing spot was quite far away. When he finally arrived, three brothers of the Dragon Division were already surrounded by armed guards.

The captain waved his hand, and before the three of them could fight back, they were shot dead!

Xu Cheng was already running over as fast as possible, yet he was still not fast enough to save those three brothers. He furiously shoved his blade into the captain’s neck, and with a violent slash to the side, the head fell to the ground. The others couldn’t see Xu Cheng at all,  and Xu Cheng quickly beheaded them all.

When he went to check those three Dragon Division brothers’ injuries, he realized that they were already gone.

He really felt something bitter in his heart. Putting his hand over their faces, he lightly helped them closed their eyes.

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