Chapter 363: Let’s Just End This (Part One)

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and left the scene to go elsewhere.

He directly went on a hunt for the guards. Like a god of death from hell, no one could see him coming, yet there were guards falling down everywhere. Some got their throats slit, some were directly beheaded, and some had their necks broken.

However, Xu Cheng still couldn’t save some of his senior brothers from dying from being besieged by armed guards. On his way, he killed over 20 guards, yet he also found 7   corpses from the Dragon Division!

Hearts, Clovers, Spades, there were many senior brothers of smaller cards from 3 to 7 that died. This was the most bloody operation in the history of the organization.

“AHH!” At this time, Xu Cheng heard a mad voice.

He immediately turned around and ran towards it, and from afar, he saw the K of Spades was in a chaotic battle with a bunch of guards. He got hit twice already in exchange for two guards’ lives. At that moment, a guard fired a shot aiming right for K’s head, and Xu Cheng suddenly arrived and jumped forward. A brawler’s glove flashed past the K of Spade’s face, and the bullet was bounced away.

Right after landing, Xu Cheng immediately pounced forward and shredded the chest of a guard, before doing a tornado kick to sweep down three guards. Then, before they could get up, he stabbed the dagger through their chest. There were five more guards opening fire towards the brawler’s fists since that was all they could see. Xu Cheng directly activated his tortoise armor and charged over. He sent a guard flying away with a headbutt, and then landing between all the other guards, he spun with the two daggers fully extending, delivering a fatal blow to all.

The K of Spades was shocked. He didn’t see anything yet those guards were completely destroyed with flesh and blood flying everywhere. He leaned on a tree and watched all of this unfold, and after all the guards died, a warm entity came closer to him. Yet, he still couldn’t see anyone. 

“Senior Brother K of Spades, put on their uniform and go southeast to meet up with Senior Brother Bei Shan.” Xu Cheng helped him apply pressure against the wound on his leg that was still bleeding.

“You-you are Xu Cheng?” the K of Spades asked at the air in surprise.

“Yeah, be careful,” as Xu Cheng said that, he left.

– Li Family – 

There were many masters standing at the door, and the lights were all on. There were constantly guards running back to report. “Sir, we have already killed 9 of them!”

The clan elder faintly smiled. “What are their numbers?”

Guard: “There was the 3 of Hearts, 6 of Hearts, 9 of Hearts, 4 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 6 of Spades, 8 of Spades, 10 of Clovers, and 3 of Clovers.”

Clan Elder: “10 of Clovers? Not bad. The bigger numbers can be regarded as S-class masters. If you see people with card values above 10, kill them at all costs! Whoever can kill someone above 10 will be rewarded 10 million yuan! Killing people of lower card values will be rewarded 1 million each!”

The guards were overjoyed. “Yes! I will go and tell them right now!”

The clan elders and guest masters all had a satisfied smile on their faces. “I knew they would come. Indeed, here they are, and since the Li Family’s estate has no roads connecting to the outside world, they can only come by air. With this kind of terrain, however many they send will all die! I heard those with values above 10 are all at least S-class masters, and the lower the card value, the weaker they are.”

Third Clan Elder: “That’s right, that’s indeed true. There are four Aces that has S+ level of fighting capabilities. If we fight them 1 on 1, we might not even be able to beat them.”
Guest Master: “Leave a few alive, drag them over to testify against Zhang Chenfeng. It will be best to get him to expose those behind him. I want to see who are the ones that want us dead! We can’t just let this slide so easily!”


“How many of our guards died?’

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