Chapter 363: Let’s Just End This (Part Two)

“Sir, over 60 now, and the number is growing rapidly!”

“What?” The clan elder was shocked. “Just 5 minutes ago, didn’t you guys report 30 people? How did it double in such a short period of time?”

At that moment, a few guards with their faces covered in blood ran over. As they ran, they were also screaming in terror, “Ghost!”

Then, no one saw how they died; their heads were just cut and flew into the air, landing and rolling over to the members of the Li Family and shocking them to their cores. 

There was one more running over and shouting, “Dead! All dead! Our people are all dead! Ghost!”

However, when he was just within dozens of meters away from the gate, he was also beheaded.

The faces of the Li Family changed dramatically as they took in deep breaths. This scene was simply too creepy.

At that moment, another guard ran out from the forest, and he panted as he came closer and reached out with his hands. “Sav-save me…”

He collapsed onto the ground and slowly crawled towards the gate, and those clan elders immediately came down the stairs to help him get up. “What’s going on? What’s happening over there?”

That guard suddenly lifted his head and revealed an unfamiliar face. It was Xu Cheng, and he directly smashed the head of the clan elder like a watermelon!

The other two elders were terrified as they turned around and tried to run, but two sharp daggers penetrated right through their hearts. 

There were 7 or 8 guards opening fire at Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng directly used those two dead bodies as a shield.

Then, he kicked the two dead bodies towards the gate, knocking down a few guards.

Sneering, Xu Cheng said, “If this is the case, then you guys will all die!”

Then, squatting down a bit, he flew out like a spring. Two guards couldn’t get out of the way, and Xu Cheng directly pushed their heads into the ground. 


His two daggers dazzled under the light, and he kicked towards a guest master. That guy dodged it, yet Xu Cheng’s dagger already arrived by his waist. A chunk of meat was directly sliced off and flew out.

“AHHH!” The guest master cried in pain as he fell to the ground. Xu Cheng sent another kick into his chest, and he flew right into the wall and died from his head exploding. 

At that moment, three clan elders attacked. Xu Cheng didn’t even look at the punches flying towards him. He just raised his daggers high into the air and sliced down. 

Their hands were directly cut off. Then, with another kick, he sent a clan elder flying out. Another clan elder managed to land a palm strike on Xu Cheng, but he didn’t feel a thing. He just shoved the dagger into his heart, and then like ripping apart a garbage bag, he sliced through the body as he swung his arm to the side. The fight sent chills down all the masters that remained in the Li Family.

“Shoot him!” The remaining 3 clan elders and 5 guest masters anxiously shouted at those four guards that still had guns on them.

Xu Cheng crossed his arms in front of his face, just letting them shoot at him.

Those masters saw Xu Cheng wasn’t even scared of bullets so their faces paled as they turned right away to run.

Xu Cheng immediately chased up to them like a cat. Then, from the back, he swung his sharp dagger forward from the back of his head. 

A clan elder immediately collapsed onto the ground. 

He stabbed another one that was running right through the heart.

Then, looking up at the guest masters of the Li Family at the gate, he said expressionlessly, “It’s time to die!”

“Close the gates!” the guest masters shouted, and three guards immediately pushed the giant iron gate up, wanting to keep Xu Cheng out.

However, Xu Cheng climbed the wall like a dragonfly stepping on water. With just 3 steps, he flipped over the 8-meter-tall wall. As he descended from the top, he directly landed and killed two more guards.

When the two guest masters noticed what was going on and turned around, Xu Cheng’s daggers were already in their hearts!

The two clan elders looked at Xu Cheng like he was a devil as they kept on taking steps back. When Xu Cheng turned around to look at them, those two elders immediately got onto their knees as they shivered and begged for mercy. “Please let us go!”

“So many of our guys died already, and you are telling me to let you go?” Xu Cheng wiped the blood off of his face and said, a bit tired, “Let’s just end this.”

Then, he grabbed those two’s necks and broke them.

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